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Peter Berg's DUNE

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Berg has made some interesting films. I flat out LOVE The Kingdom, and I enjoyed Rundown for what it was. I haven't seen Hancock yet, and may never at this rate. :)


Tim, I think you need to get on the phone, beat down some doors, and try and get hired on as production designer for this project. I know we wouldn't see you 'round here for a good long while, but we'll hold down the fort while you go take over hollywood!


Personally I'd love to see RAW publish the comic book adaptation of this too.



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Sweet! I'm reading Dune Messiah right now. Been meaning to see the original Dune movie w/ Stink but can't get myself to do it. I've seen pix of their stillsuits and I like my inner vision better. I think TB would be an EXCELLENT PD for this, he's already got the El Borak thing going on, throw in a lasgun and your set!

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I'm not positive, but I thought I'd started a thread for this around a year ago.

Not sure that anyone even replied to it. Or maybe I just thought I did or planned on doing it and never got around to it . . .

Actually, it's not even important, this one says it all, Peter Berg's DUNE . . . I rather like the sound of that.


Not so long ago that thread title might have turned me off to a large degree. BUT . . .

As Noeland mentions, Berg has become a rather formidable filmmaker. Side note: Noeland, I resisted Hancock at first but viewed it on DVD over the last Christmas break. My initial resistance was PROVEN superficial. I really enjoyed the film and believe you will too. Due in large to Berg's crafty direction.


Yes, Peter Berg is a filmmaker to be reckoned with. As an actor I was never really a fan. Quirky, strange, but not the kind of quirky and strange that ever appealed to me. But as a director . . . Goodness. I've never seen Very Bad Things because the concept is something I'd seen before in another film. The cast is wonderful so perhaps I'm due to give it it's day in court. I HAVE however seen each of his subsequent films, The Rundown, The Kingdom, and Hancock, and they bear the marks of a very interesting creator. And let's not forget he's been a demon writing and overseeing the writing of the hit show Friday Night Lights.


This fucker's been busy ;)


So it's with great curiosity that I saw his name attached to a new theatrical launch of Frank Herbert's Magnum Opus, D U N E.

Now understand that D U N E is also my all time favorite Science Fiction novel (series). It is BELOVED.

And you know what? I'm not disturbed or worried in the slightest about Berg being attached. He's convinced me that he has what it takes.

Watch The Kingdom, and see a filmmaker working in territory normally reserved for the Ridley/Tony Scott's of the world.

It's big, it's rich, it's technically tighter than a fucking drum, and holy shit! It's a compelling film with excellent performances.

I've seen Berg in action in behind the scenes bits on The Kingdom and Hancock, also in a less rigid environment on Favreau's Dinner For Five . . .

He talks the talk, he walks the walk, and when other people (actors, crew, etc . . ) talk about him they aren't just talking about him, they a marveling about him. He's confident, smart, and he makes great choices. I truly believe that he is on his way to becoming one of the important filmmakers of this next generation.


And what's even more intriguing is that he's also attached to Robert E. Howard's Bran Mak Morn, Howard's Black Irish Warrior, King of the Picts himself.

Just read some of that and you'll very quickly see that Howard is not just the creator of Conan. Conan is simply the one Howard character that has seen success in other media. There are many Howard characters that have not been pulled out of the pulp and onto the screen, and there are many deserving. Among them the aforementioned Bran Mak Morn. We're very soon going to get a wonderful taste of Michael J. Bassett's take on Howard's 15th Century Puritain Warrior Solomon Kane (Van Helsing visually STOLE liberally from the character). That's going to help Howard's exposure. Then there is Kull (please forget the massively forgettable 1997 Kevin Sorbo movie adaptation), then you got El Borak, Kirby O'Donnell, and Red Sonja among many more.

Thanks to the success of the LOTR trilogy it looks like Howard is about to get mined for Hollywood as never before.


Anyway, Peter Berg . . . D U N E.

Berg is attached to a number of projects including Dune and Morn for 2010. I hope he's able to handle all of those projects and it's not just industry rumor.

The release dates are likely temporary. Dune is a huge undertaking and to really be mounted successfully it would have to be a trilogy of big films not unlike LOTR - Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children Of Dune. If successful then it would be great to see the other three books written by Frank Herbert's own hand (the complete Dune) - God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse Dune, make it to the screen as a follow up trilogy.


Wow, that would be incredible. Please, someone with the skill and Hollywood pull to do this right make this happen before I die.


- TB

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First of all, VERY BAD THINGS is still my favorite Peter Berg film. It's so fucked up. Forget what you think it may be and watch this film, Tim. Or next time you're in L.A., I'll make you watch it.


And let's not forget Berg's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS feature, which is excellent. Huge fan of Berg as a Director. And also never been a fan of him as an actor. HANCOCK is a bit of a mess, but entertaining and I really dug the first 45 minutes. Love THE KINGDOM. And there's a lot I love about THE RUNDOWN. The parts I don't involve Seann William Scott. I'd be really happy if he left the business. Not a fan.


Oh, and Favreau's show is DINNER FOR FIVE.


Never been a fan of DUNE, despite hearing about it from Tim for hours on end over the years. But in Berg's hands, I would check it out. Gotta admit though, I'd rather not see Berg get tied up for years with DUNE. He's got range and I'd love to see a lot of varied stuff.


Oh, and Tim, just saw AICN's Quint at the New Beverly tonight. He says hey!

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Naw, don't need to have Berg himself helm all Dune features, just get the ball rolling and then do a Harry Potter on it.

Berg stays on to executive produce, then bring in Alfonso Cuarón, and some other excellent talent to take it the rest of the way.

I'm not greedy ;) But the quality would have to remain at a high level for it to work.

There have got to be more than a few very talented directors out there who would love a crack at the Dune Saga.


Table, Dinner . . . Dinner, Table . . . .fuck all, you know what I meant. ;)


Of course you love Very Bad Things cause yer such an indie fag har har.

Well, so am I :blink:


Just haven't checked it out yet cause I've seen two other films with the exact same story/plot.

I'll get to it. Maybe next time I'm in Burbank eh?


xo - tb

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I like Berg, especially enjoyed The Rundown. Cool visual style, nice action and some decent performances as well. I think Rundown and Hancock show that he can handle action, adventure and visual spectacle but also some drama (The Kingdom). I think he can pull Dune off.


I'm also looking forward to Virtuality and Bran Mak Morn!

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