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Ellie Frazetta RIP


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Terrible news. Hope Frank is okay.



July 17, 2009, East Stroudsburg PA: Eleanor 'Ellie' Frazetta, the

wife of celebrated artist Frank Frazetta, passed away today to be with

the Lord after a courageous one-year battle with cancer.


Eleanor Kelly was born in Massachusetts and moved to New York where

she married Frank in November, 1956. She acted as his business

partner as well as his lifelong companion. Known for her feisty

personality as well as her intuitive business acumen, she was

instrumental in successfully establishing record prices for Frank's

work throughout her life.


She is survived by her husband Frank, her four children, Frank Jr.,

Billy, Holly and Heidi, numerous grandchildren, and many friends.


A public memorial is planned and details will be announced

shortly. In the meantime, the family requests privacy.


Rob Pistella

Stephen Ferzoco

On behalf of the Frazetta Family

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So sorry to hear this. I didn't even know she was sick. If you are familiar at all with Frank Frazetta's work, then you are probably somewhat familiar with how hard Ellie worked in the background to make sure he was given his financial and due respect. Classy lady from everything I've read.


Best wishes to the Frazetta family from the Collins family.

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Guest AdminGuyX

I remember seeing her in Painting with Fire, the wonderful documentary about Frank, and it was very clear that she was a kick ass, classy lady who any man would be lucky to know, and who was very loved and appreciated.


Anyone reading this who has not seen this documentary, well, there is no better time to get to know her a little!

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Man oh man.

I feel like I've lost someone I know even though I've never met her eyeball to eyeball.

I know people that have. I've done all the reading. Even talked to her on the phone a long time ago back in the 80's when I was working for Game Designers Workshop. You see all those pictures (if you have ANY Frazetta book) of her throughout the years and for me it's the same feeling I get from looking at a family photo album. You see her young on the mean streets of Brooklyn NY being playful and playing around with Frank and it feels like you're looking at a still from a Scorsese film. She's almost as famous as Frank himself ;) She was his muse and a great part of his strength.


My heart is with Frank and his family.

Whatta gal.




- tb

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