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Can't wait to see this...... I also just found out that Denzel Washington was trained in martial arts by Dan Inosanto. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's Bruce Lee's best friend and protoge. I bring this up because my brother teaches martial arts and Dan Inosanto is one of my brother's teachers. Inosanto particularly teaches Kali and has the Kali academy of martial arts in Marina Del Rey, not far from you Bradstreet.... I too train in Kali. In Lehman's terms....it's Filipino street fighting. Sicks, edged weapons, etc. I love doing it. I works well for me being a bouncer in a nightclub. I can't wait to see what Denzel is gonna do while I hear Ross' score.




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Ok it sucks being stuck deployed in the desert...we don't hear about anything over here, and they just love to block a whole lotta websites from us for getting info and connecting to the real world...What's this movie about, and when is it going to be released?



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Ok it sucks being stuck deployed in the desert...we don't hear about anything over here, and they just love to block a whole lotta websites from us for getting info and connecting to the real world...What's this movie about, and when is it going to be released?




Ok---so I guess I shoulda read everyone else's post before I started blabbing on and asking stupid questions...no matter...they were answered anyway...Good thing I'm not an airhead :P



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Thanks for posting the one-sheet, Gary!


It looks nice, but nothing special. I would like to see a more evocative motive, using the post-apocalyptic landscape and showing more of Denzel. The title font is quite cool though and it has the right mood. Looking forward to more posters :)

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Gary -

Thanks so much for the look behind the curtain!

And I LOVE the posters!!!

I love the pic with you posing with your baby, awesome, just love those moments ;)

You're on that short list of screenwriters who saw their creation come to full fruition and by God that's a special thing.

Keep pinching yourself and please accept my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Put this one in a time capsule baby.


xo - TB

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For those interested in the soundtrack, it will be out on Jan 12 on Reprise Records. There will also be a special edition on iTunes including remixed tracks, and a double vinyl album too! Damn, I gotta buy a turntable!




Soundtrack to Post-Apocalyptic Drama Features Original Score by Nine Inch Nails Collaborator Atticus Ross


Burbank, CA – Reprise Records will release the original motion picture soundtrack to the Hughes Brothers-directed feature film The Book Of Eli on January 12th, 2010 — three days before the film hits theaters nationwide on January 15th, 2010.


The Book of Eli Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features an original score by composer/musician/producer Atticus Ross, marking his third collaboration with the Hughes Brothers and his first feature film score. Ross’ music is a unique hybrid score of electronic and organic elements; writing with his wife (Claudia Sarne) and brother (Leopold Ross), the basic tracks were recorded at his studio in Los Angeles before departing to London where it was finished in Abbey Road Studios with a full 80 piece orchestra.


Ross’ other film credits include co-writing and producing “Go All the Way (Into the Twilight),” the Perry Ferrell single for the hit film Twilight, the score for the Allen Hughes’ vignette for the film New York, I Love You, as well as the music to the Hughes Brothers TV show 'Touching Evil." Ross has also incorporated his musical style into collaborations and productions of such major artists as NIN (the albums With Teeth, Year Zero, The Slip, and the Grammy-nominated Ghosts), Jane's Addiction, and Korn.


The Book of Eli stars Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, and Gary Oldman in a post-apocalyptic tale in which a lone man, Eli (Washington), fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.


The soundtrack will be released in four configurations: standard CD, a digital version available through all digital service providers, and a special exclusive iTunes edition that will feature a remixed track by Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio). A vinyl version will be released in February.


The Book of Eli is being distributed domestically by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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Three new character posters just debuted online, you should be seeing these banners in theater lobbies and elsewhere soon.









Also, Alex at firstshowing.net has posted the first hint of a review to appear online:


Anyway, I'm featuring them not necessarily because they look amazing or anything (though they do look cool), but rather because I've seen The Book of Eli and I wanted to sneak in my thoughts on it. I absolutely loved the movie, it was completely freakin' awesome. The visuals were stunning and the story was fantastic, too. I can't say enough good things about it, I really had a blast watching it. And with that, check out the banners below!





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You guys are too sweet.

And so are those posters ;)


Great news about all the soundtrack awesomeness.

The next 8 weeks of Gary's life are going to be an exciting, unforgettable whirlwind.

Enjoy it, revel in it. You deserve it.

And you got what every screenwriter dreams of . . . something honest and true, and spectacular.

Again, congratulations.


I'll be in line Sunday night, opening weekend.



- TB

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