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Check out Frank Miller's comic-book debut—in the Twilight Zone

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Frank Miller meets Rod Serling in the final panel of 1978's "Royal Feast," from Twilight Zone #84


Frank Miller wasn't always a big-shot Hollywood director of films such as The Spirit and Sin City, or a groundbreaking artist and writer of graphic novels such as The Dark Knight Returns and 300. Back in 1978, he was just a struggling freelancer who hoped that someone, somewhere, would give him a break.


Over at Diversions of the Groovy Kind, which bills itself as Earth's Mightiest Comics Blog, the "Guardian of the Groovy" posted proof of this today in the form of Miller's first published comic-book stories.



Page one of the three-page story "Royal Feast" from Twilight Zone #84, published by Gold Key Comics


Miller's first two tales were both released in March 1978 in issues of DC Comics' Weird War Tales and Gold Key Comics' Twilight Zone. The stories, while competently drawn, gave no clues that this artist would eventually be responsible for revolutionary stints on Daredevil and Batman, which shows that you can never predict just how far someone will go if given a chance.


Check out Diversions of the Groovy Kind for more background on Frank Miller's comic-book debut.



Page one of "Deliver Me from D-Day" from Weird War Tales #64, published by DC Comics

Source: http://scifiwire.com/2009/03/check-out-frank-millers-c.php

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