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3-D Biz is booming!


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If I spent all that money on the 3D TV and the glasses...better believe I'm gonna use it all the time...I'd forget about the theater. LOL


I bet a lot of people would feel the same way. Which isn't good news for the theaters that plan to update to 3D.


I would still go to theaters. I'd want to compare to see if the 3D TV really provides the same experience.

After I see a movie in theaters and love it, I usually still plan to buy it on DVD. That's not the case with 3D movies. I enjoyed Meet the Robinsons on DVD and theaters, because it had a great plot. As for Monster House and Ice Age 3, I only saw them cause they were 3D. I thought Monsters Vs. Aliens was good in theaters, and I will eventually buy it on DVD; it's another exception. The best 3D movie I've seen so far was Journey to the Center of the Earth. I was impressed by it, but I still havn't bought the DVD cause I want to remember it as its 3D self.


It seems that each time I go see a 3D movie, the ticket price for one goes up. If this increase continues, I will have to go see the regular version, instead.


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3-D Movies article which references Dark Country:


"But even noir films, that are so high-contrast and so iconically flat and 2D, can be made into great 3D films, like Thomas Jane's Dark Country -- which was shamefully only seen in 3D by the 200 or so people at Long Beach Comic-Con, as the movie went straight to DVD afterwards."






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I wouldn't want every movie to be 3D. That would get exhausting after awhile. I don't agree with Scorsese, but I've heard that dramas will eventually be in 3D. So, his wish will come true.


I agree with Christopher Nolan. People had wanted The Dark Knight to be released in 3D, but Nolan didn't want to do that. He says that watching a 3D movie with those glasses makes the screen smaller. He's right.


If an audience could watch a 3D movie without glasses, that would be impressive. I doubt that would happen for a long time. I don't even believe it's possible.





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I can't remember where I saw the article, but there is a 3D camcorder that is aimed for the "general public". The price tag is about $2,500.00. I also saw a few game demos of 3d games at the GDC conference last week, one of which you don't need the glasses at all!

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