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I thought it was a good show last night. LOVED Wolve...I mean Hugh Jackman. That DEFINITELY wasn't Wolverine! :-) Thought the show flowed well. I expected the five star suck up fest before every major award to get old but it was pretty tolerable. At least they tried to do something different this time around. The actual awards could've gone a bit differently, but majority rules.

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I thought Hugh Jackman was excellent and fun, eager to please and to put on a good show! I really enjoyed it. On the Barbara Walters Special (which aired afterwards here), he mentioned that the Oscars could use more "show" and less "business" - it was cute and sweet and he told a wonderful anecdote about his dad.


Sorry, I just realized I'm referring to Wolverine as cute - but that's just the way I roll! :lol:


By the way, is it just me or is BW just insufferable these days? I tried to watch The View when Bonnie Hunt, Patricia Arquette, Mickey Rourke, and Melissa Leo each guested and she asks the most asinine questions and makes the stupidest remarks. :wacko:


I was actually very moved by the previous acting winners bestowing the verbal honors on this year's nominees - it is an honor in itself and softens the blow if one does not win! ;) And I thought everyone's thank yous were very sincere ...


Anyway, because of my involvement here, I was just really looking forward to the Oscars this year and ended up enjoying everything about it, even if I might have been disappointed if a personal fave or two didn't win.

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I enjoyed the show overall. Hugh Jackman rocked! Great host and I hope he does it again. The stage design was outrageous! I truly enjoyed seeing the previous Oscar winners welcoming the new ones to the fold. Very touching and Robert de Niro had me rolling with his comments about Sean Penn. I was hoping Mickey would win but you know what? He did win. In more ways than one. Sean Penn has my respect for what he said to Mickey and I cried.


Full list of winners

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