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"Breaking Bad" hits the Web in mini episodes


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LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – AMC and Sony have launched online minisodes for the Emmy-winning series "Breaking Bad" to promote the show's upcoming second-season premiere.


The companies are set to unveil five stand-alone shorts that will run three to five minutes apiece and feature the show's regular cast. The minisodes will debut beginning Tuesday on AMC's site and http://www.crackle.com.


The minisodes are one of three digital extensions for the drama, which returns March 8.


"Walt's Warning," a first-person customized viral video featuring "Breaking" star Bryan Cranston and hosted at http://www.Waltswarning.com, will ask viewers to choose their own adventure as they interact with Cranston's desperate science teacher-turned-methamphetamine peddler.


In addition, seven episodes from the series' first season have been crunched into five- to seven-minute summary videos available on Sony's minisode network of online portals, including AOL and Hulu.


The original minisodes include a flashback to Hank's (Dean Norris) pre-wedding jitters; Walt panicking when he realizes his wife has sold their vacuum cleaner, which houses his drug earnings; and a behind-the-scenes look at Jesse's (Aaron Paul) music video with his band.


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