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Crush Casts Batman's Badguys

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First to anyone that go's on site's like CBM just to laugh it up & make fun of people, get a life, seriously I mean to start you are on a site dedicated to comic books & comic book movies, next you have obviously searched & sorted through articles that are labeled "fan-fic" or "casting choices" then you want to call us "geeks" & "nerds" lol, you are funny little things...go ahead and call us nerds but I doubt anyone here thinks that your Mr.COOL....or wait a minute, you are Mr Cool and you only go on comic book websites when your not getting laid right ? & you wear a leather jacket & smoke cigarettes & your a quarterback & all of your girlfriends are super models & your rich & you ride a motorcycle &......Eat a shit sandwich and go to hell, you seriously have nazi blood pulsing through your vain's, I mean you hate people you don't know & for no reason at all...we enjoy doing this stuff & you don't so leave it at that....I mean we don't show up to your house and tell you how ugly your girlfriend is or how shitty your babysitting job is or how dirty your clothes are....don't make me come to your place and Fu*k your mother right in front of you while wearing a Superman cape 'cause I will.


Let's talk about Batman now shall we, lol, Bats has always been one of my favourite comic book characters, 'cause he's "badass" for a lack of better words & much like my favourite hero Spiderman, Bats has a long list of famous badguys I mean besides Batman & Spiderman nobody has as many popular villains, some even have spin-off comics/movies(joker,venom,catwoman,carnage,bane,black cat etc.)we just love 'em, & so if DC & Marvel each want one character to always have a movie out in the tradition of James Bond movies,it's Bats & Spidey because of all of their villains.


Look I love the movies that take the realistic route but I would also like to see some of Batman's villans that are considered not "realistic" I don't want to see anthing corny, but I know it would be hard to write some guys into the script. The fact is the dynamic duo of Nolan & Bale will probibly "bale out" after one more movie maybe two, then the Batman franchise will start over fresh...who will direct? Zack Snyder? Michael Bay? Frank Miller? and who will play Bruce Wayne? Brandon Routh? Mark Wahlberg? Bruce Willis(as the old DK) I don't know and I don't want to go there(I'll save that for Shaman) but what Crush will do is cast my favourite Batman Badguys with some awesome actors, as always constructive criticism is welcomed...but if you just want to diss me you better be ready for war, you feel me?... anways enjoy !


Continue reading: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MAR...CS/news/?a=6232

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