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When Wes Craven's debut film The Last House on the Left arrived in 1972, ads carried the caveat, "To avoid fainting, keep repeating, it's only a movie, only a movie..." His gritty tale of revenge is now being updated this year with Dennis Iliadis at the helm and Rogue Pictures is taking a decidedly different approach to the tagline in their poster art which we're offering you a first look at.


Craven is on board as producer, as is Sean Cunningham and Marianne Maddalena. And in this remake you'll find Garret Dillahunt playing Krug, leader of a quartet of miscreants who target two young girls (Sara Paxton and Martha MacIsaac) and leave them for dead. The murderers bed down for the night in the home of one of their victims; unbeknown to them, the parents are plotting revenge.


You'll find a trailer and stills within our database here. The Last House on the Left opens in theaters on March 13th. Keep an eye on TheLastHouseontheLeft.com for more!




Source: http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/topnews.php?id=9526



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Our database photo gallery for The Last House on the Leftjust got a kick in the ass with a handful of new hi-res stills. Click on the image below to check it out. We're now two weeks out from Dennis Iliadis' remake of the Wes Craven film starring Tony Goldwyn, Monica Potter, Sara Paxton, Garret Dillahunt, Martha MacIsaac and Riki Lindhome. Visit the official site for more goodies and check back for more coverage soon!

Source: http://shocktilyoudrop.com/news/topnews.php?id=9730


In the coming year, Midnight Entertainment - Wes Craven's production company - is going to be busy. This month will see the release of The Last House on the Left, the second remake from the early days of his career that he produced. The success of this film will determine the fate of four other projects brewing at Midnight.


"We're going to be exploring new avenues," Craven told me over the weekend. "The Hills Have Eyes 3, we have a concept for which is really fun. A possible sequel to The Last House on the Left, then The People Under the Stairs and Shocker. That's it for the films we somewhat own. The first two I own with one other guy. People and Shocker Universal owns. But if I say, 'No, don't make it' they can't make it."


Out of this quartet, the third chapter in the Hills franchise - kicked off by Alex Aja in 2006 - is the closest to coming to fruition. Craven says he's currently talking to another European filmmaker who he believes has the chops to carry the ongoing saga about a mutant, inbred family and the poor souls that cross their path. Hills 3 would mark this unknown director's American debut. But will Fox Atomic be co-producing?


"Fox Atomic has a first look deal and they have passed on it," Craven reveals. "The reason is because of the deal. They have the right of first refusal but if someone else wants to do it, Fox has the right to come in and match that deal. For them, it's smarter to have us go find someone that will say yes, then come in see if they can top it."


As for Shocker, Craven confesses the original was not created on the technical level he reached for. Special effects hiccups prevented him from fulfilling his vision. A redo, "could be extraordinary if you have the special effects and really open it up. The possibilities are endless."

Source: http://shocktilyoudrop.com/news/topnews.php?id=9743

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Already a thread, try the search function.

Thanks for pointing that out Mike V...as always.


Beyond the break you can watch all five clips from Rogue Pictures' The Last House on the Left, which I think many of you are going to really enjoy. The film arriving in theaters March 13th is a remake of Wes Craven's film, which is actually a quasi-remake of Ingmar Bergman's 1960 film Jungfrukällan (The Virgin Spring). You can click the title for tons of stills and more info, or read on for the clippage.


Click here for the clips

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Can someone (Noeland, Tim or whomever) please make sure to merge the posts to Mike V's original post PLEASE so his is first about this topic. Thank you so much.

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