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For over a year now, every once in awhile I'll make a new sequel poster to my long running faux action movie series based on Abraham Lincoln. They started off simple enough, and kept getting more and more complex. I thought I'd share a couple of them with yah guys.








Okay, the last one is almost a shameless rip off of the Riding Shotgun poster, but it was darn good practice to get a true looking old poster.


I do think it would be the bee's knees if we got a cool series going with everyone adding their own ideas and posters.

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There is actually an amazing book by the same name that would make a pretty damn cool flick. Author is Robert McCammon. Very cool.


Makes sense that I wouldn't be the first to use the play on words. What's it about?


Joe Don Baker? Yessss!! Plan on using Tom Laughlin of Billy Jack fame in any of your posters? I was a dodo for Billy Jack flicks and played One Tin Soldier all the time.


I was watching the new MST3K release of Final Justice. Something about Joe Don Baker is cool in an odd way.


Anything is possible. I'm hopefully going to be able to take a few of my own photos next week for an original idea. The guy I have in mind has just a perfect Lee Van Cleef look to him... but I don't want to get too ahead of myself.


Thanks for the feedback, y'all! And throw some ideas out, one of us is bound to use it.

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