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this looks very much worth the while, as is anything with edward norton.




this new hollywood interest in actors portraying twins (nottingham) is really catching my attention. it can be done right. specially with intelligent actors like norton and crowe



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I'm sure this will be worth seeing. Writer/Director Tim Blake Nelson is very talented. I turned Bradstreet onto EYE OF GOD, his first film, a film I also posted about in the Non-Mainstream film thread. I don't think Tim ever posted about it, but he told me he loved it. It's a stunning, haunting film.


His second film O, a modern update of Othello is also excellent. It got delayed after Columbine and never received the attention it deserves. It's very powerful.


I have issues with his third film, THE GREY ZONE, mostly how he directed the actors to perform as if they were in a play. There is lots of rapid fire dialogue and it never overlaps. It's really distracting. But the film is still powerful.


I would see anything he directs and working with an actor as talented as Edward Norton makes it that much better.


Quick side note. I AD'd a short when I first moved to L.A. that was set in 1969. During the rehearsal of a scene where a teenager's parents are basically telling him that he's not going to amount to anything if he continues his behavior, the father ad libbed, you're gonna end up in the sewer like Ed Norton. The kid was totally confused. After the take, the kid asked, why would Ed Norton be in the sewer? We were busily trying to keep moving, so no one answered him. I think I was the only one who realized that the father was talking about Art Carney's character Ed Norton from THE HONEYMOONERS, and was therefore ad libbing in character, while the kid was only thinking of actor Edward Norton. At lunch, I brought it up and I was right. The kid had no idea who the character Ed Norton was and the father was definitely not thinking about actor Edward Norton. The only Ed Norton in his mind was Art Carney. Two totally different generations. We all had a big laugh over it.

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