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Favorite TV Shows

James O'Brian

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Hehehehe! It does, I remember seeing that episode when Big Shot shot a wall into a "Skull".


OMG James I was trying to find that episode!

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Thank you!!!

I never thought of going there to get it...jeez...

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TV shows that I sometimes watched but not always


Sea Quest

Quantum Leap ("oh boy!")

Home Improvement

Doogie Howser, M.D.


I had a major crush on Doogie... :lol:


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I loved that show...wow that brings back memories... :P

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Very funny James.

Reminds me of when we lived in a small city in Missouri years ago and the weatherman on the local TV station was also a deacon at the big (denomination self editted) church in town. One day when he was doing the weather he was talking a little too fast and instead of saying "cold front" he sort of abbreviated it, losing the end of "cold" and the beginning of "front." Not exactly a weather related word. He turned red, but just kept right on going with his forcast. Cracked me up. Wish I had that on tape.

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I don't know if anyone has heard about this website where you can catch up on all your favorite tv shows but here's an article about it:


New website for TV fans

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I've been to that site, tiara. It's pretty cool. They've got a lot of great shows on there. Some that I doubt anybody ever watched, but a lot of really good ones. But some of them are incomplete, meaning that they don't have complete seasons, or all of the seasons. But otherwise it's a pretty cool site.


The only thing that I don't like about it is their selection of movies. Not good at all.




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I never watched the original episodes but I am catching up on them on TVLand; I never realized how funny this show really was:




My favorite show was this one:



I don't think I missed an episode for five years straight... :P -- I had such a crush on Don Johnson. He got me through puberty... :D

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I don't watch a lot of TV anymore but here are my faves:



Friday the 13th




Tales from the Crypt (here and there, as a kid before my mom caught me watching it lol)



Heroes(first season)

Band of Brothers


And as of late, I really enjoyed watching the John Adams miniseries.

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