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Found 1 result

  1. Instead of creating a thread for every single new (& old) television show, I thought it'd be nice to have one place where we can discuss ANY & EVERY TV SHOW EVER MADE. Now, if you feel a show is worthy of its own thread, then by all means, start one. I'm only saying that I don't want to start a new topic every time I want to praise or complain about a show. Whether you're watching reruns of a classic or introducing yourself to new characters of current programming, I want to know about it. Do you have a show you like that's exclusive to your country? Tell us what it is. Are you waiting for a certain season to be released on Blu-ray/DVD? Great! What is it? Maybe others are waiting, too. Or dig even deeper and talk about the shows you watched when you were young(er). Maybe that could make for interesting conversation. Are you missing shows? Really? Me, too! Which ones? Did one of your shows get cancelled because that petition you signed didn't go through? Then, I want to know about that, as well. Favorite shows? Favorite episodes? Favorite characters? So many favorites, just one little thread! Remember: I said ANY AND ALL THINGS TV RELATED (what?....I didn't say that exactly?....well, now I just did). So, let's talk TV.....Okay, I'll start with a question. Did anyone see the How I Met Your Mother series finale? If so, thoughts? Comments? No? Then, what are you watching? And, as always, use caution when you speak (write (type)). If you're going to post spoilers, then please begin by saying Spoiler Alert! so people who don't want to know about things won't have to.
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