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Found 5 results

  1. Cats outa the bag on this one as its now on social media so seems ok to put up now lol (Thanks Araine for the heads up) Thomas has spend a few days in Georgia filming a small part in a sci-fi film called Anti Life. Thomas plays the Admiral of space ship which is kind of like a new Noahs Ark which is on its way to a "New Earth". On route the ship is attacked by an Alien life form and a new father on board must use the ship itself to stop the aliens and save the day. Bruce Willis also stars but both Thomas and Bruce were on set for a few days filming. Filming has now wrapped as both Thomas and Bruce came in at the end of shooting (im not sure if there is a VICE reunion and they share any scenes) and was slotted in before RUN, HIDE, FIGHT as believe it or not it was a few days and filming in Georgia was on his road trip to set for RHF so ya know, why not!
  2. Haunted by a chilling twist-of-fate from his past, hard nosed Homicide Detective, Eddie Braun (Thomas Jane) finds elusive redemption in the back alleys and dark under-belly of San Diego. Braun discovers links between the murders of several junkies and drug dealers. While his colleagues write the string of murders off as the product of gang wars, he believes something more sinister lies beneath. .....awaiting confirmation from Thomas on this as I wasnt aware of it but it is showing under Hannibal Pictures upcoming projects (along with Tsunami L.A) https://www.thefilmcatalogue.com/films/crimson-blues
  3. Thomas Jane and Luke Kleintank will star in the film “Crown Vic” for writer/director Joel Souza. “Crown Vic” follows one explosive night in the life of a seasoned LAPD veteran as he takes a young cop out on patrol and shows him the brutal reality of life behind the wheel. More details here http://variety.com/2018/film/news/thomas-jane-luke-kleintank-crown-vic-1202812914/
  4. Geoff


    Thomas Jane....... Anne Heche........ Shooting soon. More to follow...................
  5. Geoff


    Yet another new film is heading our way this year with A-X-L.
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