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Found 1 result

  1. "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Jefferson "May you live in interesting Times." - Chinese Curse I am not a political person. but recently, it's been very hard to ignore the shameless acts of fear mongering and 'mind control' instituted by our own Gov't. i've been figuring out the Facebook thing this year. For the first time, i've been goin on and trying to 'post' stuff that interested me. Along with the usual cats and dolphin crap, i decided to post some of the better editorials i've come across on Gun Control and the incredible amount of 'spin' that we've been subjected to in the wake of all the insane mass murders sweeping our Nation right now. it's really, really weird -- and scary, folks. SOMETHING IS AFOOT. And a lot of people don't want you questioning the 'party line.' I don't know much about Facebook, but i came across this article in Natural News: http://www.naturalne...censorship.html this cat posted a Gandhi quote that goes like this: "Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving the whole nation of arms as the Blackest." and he was promptly SUSPENDED from Facebook - for 'violating community guidelines.' weird right? Wellll, space cadets, if you think that's odd, then check this out: http://www.naturalne...k_shooting.html "According to reports, Facebook has begun suspending the accounts of users who throw into question the official narrative behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, after a warning by Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance that said posting "misinformation" on the site could be result in criminal prosecution. In one instance of outright censorship, an image that was posted in the shooting's aftermath and which questioned whether Adam Lanza, "a clumsy 20-year-old autistic kid," could have possibly been responsible for killing 26 people, was deleted, with the user handed a warning." It's a troubling article, to say the least. and as for 'questioning the official narrative' - here's a little taste from Alex Jones: https://www.youtube....wV1twLg&index=2 I don't know much about this Jones guy, except that a lot of people are divided about how they feel about him - but there's a lot of food for thought in that vid. CNN doctoring videos as far back as the '90's, and yet we're all 'conspiracy theorists' for questioning the party line? my friends, if your not questioning the party line by now, then you have already drunk the Cool Aide.
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