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  1. The Lycan is a project that we've been working on and off of behind the scenes for about 5 years now. Like any project that takes a while to percolate and boil over into existence there are growing pains that go with the territory. We had a writer friend come on and off the book, we've had 4 different artists sign on only to sign back off, as well as the normal amounts of developmental hiccups that occur along the way. Most recently we pulled British artist Liam Sharp into the fold only to have him drop out on us when he was handed the opportunity of a lifetime with his business partners - to launch their long-developed comics experience Madefire. For the last 7 months Tom and I have been searching for the right artist and trying out potential talent. It all came down to two very talented fellas. The guy that didn't get the gig will still become known around here because we love his stuff. I think we'll see an Alien Worlds story from him in the not too distant future The guy who won-out and took Lycan by the throat is artist SEAN O'CONNOR, who also hails from Great Britain. He's currently working on pages after a lengthy mission to conceptualize key elements of The Lycan. Here's an ad that we're dropping in our about to be released books, Bad Planet Vol.2 part 1, and the Dark Country GN. This features a bit of Sean's work and I'm sure you'll agree that his work is amazing. The Lycan is a 6-issue series written by Eisner Award winner Mike Carey, illustrated by O'Connor, and will be colored by the amazing Grant Goleash. The book is currently (finally) in active production, so look for the first issue to become available late this year. The year is 1807. Six of the greatest hunters in the world are led by the greatest of them all, Absalom Coffin. In a driving squall amidst heavy seas they are forced to seek shelter in the port of a small island off the coast of Scotland. There they discover a kingdom in deadly peril, locked in the grip of a terror that will test the hunter's skills to the utmost, and challenge their sanity to the edge of reason. All fear THE LYCAN - More sneak peeks on the way soon, and stand by for further surprises and announcements! You won't want to miss this one. - TB
  2. Cats outa the bag on this one as its now on social media so seems ok to put up now lol (Thanks Araine for the heads up) Thomas has spend a few days in Georgia filming a small part in a sci-fi film called Anti Life. Thomas plays the Admiral of space ship which is kind of like a new Noahs Ark which is on its way to a "New Earth". On route the ship is attacked by an Alien life form and a new father on board must use the ship itself to stop the aliens and save the day. Bruce Willis also stars but both Thomas and Bruce were on set for a few days filming. Filming has now wrapped as both Thomas and Bruce came in at the end of shooting (im not sure if there is a VICE reunion and they share any scenes) and was slotted in before RUN, HIDE, FIGHT as believe it or not it was a few days and filming in Georgia was on his road trip to set for RHF so ya know, why not!
  3. News coming though of discussions taking place for a new thriller in the same vain as "The Vanishing". https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3499930/laurence-fishburne-thomas-jane-join-hour-lead-exclusive/
  4. Thomas Jane and Luke Kleintank will star in the film “Crown Vic” for writer/director Joel Souza. “Crown Vic” follows one explosive night in the life of a seasoned LAPD veteran as he takes a young cop out on patrol and shows him the brutal reality of life behind the wheel. More details here http://variety.com/2018/film/news/thomas-jane-luke-kleintank-crown-vic-1202812914/
  5. One the of the big's bit of information from last night slightly slipped in is the new production company that Thomas has set up with his friend Courtney Lauren Penn. Renegade! Courtney has a mass of experience in production, acting and directing. . https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3599831/ This one is a big thing for Tom so we will add more information here as we move along. We may even be lucky enough hear from Courtney too at points.
  6. Today I made a tshirt design that includes the best moment, logo, autograph print and wanted to share it here What do you think ?
  7. Hi Gang and welcome to the exclusive RAW live Q & A with none other than our resident boss Mr Thomas Jane. Thomas is going to be around for as long as he can and answer your questions. Please be patient as there may well be quite a few people wanting to ask questions and this aint Twitter and it dont rapid fire. You may also want to refresh your browser on occasion. Please stick to asking one question per post so that Thomas can answer as many different questions from as many different people as he can. All questions are being checked so please ensure that you are respecting TJ and the forum rules. Have fun yawl!!!!! ............Over to you Mr Jane
  8. Hehe let’s play a game Of course I know the answer but I just wanted to ask this and see how many people out there know the answer In which video clip Thomas Jane acted ? Don’t google it or search the web just let me know if you really knew it
  9. Just a line out to our followers to let you know we have a dedicated Youtube Channel set up with a bit of new content. We've got some of the old classic Bad Planet promos, our Dawning of the Digital Age vid from SDCC 2011, and we're updating with all kinds of new content. First up was TJ's Six Billion Dollar Man trailer. We also recently added several tracks from the New Rusty Blades EP, Don't Come Home. On Monday we'll be debuting The Punisher: Dirty Laundry - Behind the Scenes vid #1 - featuring video and snaps I shot during our 3 and a half day shoot Some other footage will sneak in as well. And wait until you see our own 5'8" 168lb Director, Phil Joanou physically shove some asshole off of our set. That's a classic. Gotta wait until Dirty Laundry BTS #2 or #3 to see that though Will announce here when the Punisher: Dirty Laundry BTS goes live on Monday. Or feel free to announce in our absence if you stumble across it - TB
  10. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F184171383202 Hero wore shirt!!! The Mist!!! I have 2 shirts from this movie that TJ wore! Now is your chance to own a piece of movie icon history! I am not selling this just came up on EBay!! https://youtu.be/LhCKXJNGzN8 Enjoy, Joan Here are my shirts I own!!
  11. I’m a die hard fan of Thomas Jane since ‘99. I collected everything about him, magazine clippings through the years, movies and lots of stuff. I was always dreaming to meet him one day, I live in New Jersey since 2017 and before that I was living in Turkey. It was my biggest dream.. Went to NYC before the premiere of “Crown Vic” and waited outside more than 3 hours just to try my chance to see him When he came I hardly try not to cry, he was so nice and humble.. I took a few selfies and he signed 2 magazines and a DVD cover for me, actually I had more stuff but I hesitated to show him, I couldn’t even talk because I was surprised.. Oh my God, he was right in front of me When he saw the TV Guide magazine he just said “Oh buddy this is old” and I melted.. And now I want to share some photos from the unforgettable evening of my life. Thank you Thomas for everything, for caring such a die hard fan with a big heart
  12. Read more about this flick here: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3278590/thomas-jane-joins-the-veil-cult/ BUT the most important things to know about it are the following: - THOMAS JANE will star in it (which is reason enough to see it) - Phil Joanou will direct it. In case you've forgotten who that is...He directed something else we love -- #DirtyLaundry (oh, yeah) - The plan is to start shooting this film in April, so..........we know what that sadly must mean.
  13. Thomas Jane has joined the cast of Somnia: http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/177181-thomas-jane-kate-bosworth-join-cast-of-somnia?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter I'm already scared after just reading the plot alone. Production is set to begin November 11th.
  14. Possible. From producer Mosche Diamant The largest tsunami in recorded history hits Los Angeles - the destruction is devastating, but what it leaves behind may be even worse. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6057600/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ov_wr#writers/
  15. Geoff


    Yet another new film is heading our way this year with A-X-L.
  16. Sooooooooo......today is our RAW captain TJ's Bday.....& even though he hasn't been on RAW lately (he's a busy busy man), I still think he's worth celebrating on his day of birth, as well as, any other time of year. So if you have anything special you wish to post today on his birthday, please go right ahead & POST A PHOTO RIGHT HERE! Or maybe you want to draw or paint or sculpt or sketch him something later this year (or whenever you get a chance), POST A PHOTO RIGHT HERE, TOO! & yes, writing is accepted, as well. So if you want to write a quick message or shower him with compliments or write him a poem, then please (oh please) POST IT RIGHT HERE! We have many artists among us....Show us your Thomas Jane-related art! And who knows?......Maybe one day, Tom will actually see it. (& wouldn't that be cool to have him return to the boards & find a bunch of artwork made by all of us that was inspired by him & his work?) So let's show some love for TJ! He deserves every bit.
  17. I don't know too many details about this project. But apparently, our TJ is attached to co-star in it: https://worldfilmgeek.com/2016/06/13/jane-acevedo-join-the-incurables/ It'll be the directorial debut of screenwriter Jack Reher (Into the Grizzly Maze). Tom Sizemore produces & stars. Kirk Acevedo is also attached to this project. If anyone can find any more info about this film (especially TJ's involvement), please post it on here in this thread.
  18. THIS will make you all very happy. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/bill-paxton-brendan-fraser-historys-687998 TJ in the west episodically? Sign me up, partner!
  19. Wanted to share a custom commission I had done by Joe Romero (aka Average Joe Art) Check out his website http://averagejoeart.storenvy.com/ for other art (including this print) and let me know what you guys think!
  20. Happy 45th Birthday, Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I present to you a gift from the heart: Enjoy!!! HUGE THANK YOU to all who contributed to this video! Each one of you really added that extra quality required in turning a kind gesture into a grand one, and I feel forever grateful for all who made that happen.
  21. Well boys and Girls, it's about time! We're proud to announce the kickoff of a massive undertaking - Bringing the epic story of Bad Planet to the world of Video Games! Stay tuned for the official press release and the magic link to the Bad Planet Kickstarter page. Raw Studios is teaming with veteran Austin-based video game developer, Red Fly Studios to bring you a wonderous Sci-Fi adventure! This is a crowd-funded project and we cannot do it without you. Our goal is $575,000.00 - But we also have milestones over that amount we want to reach for. The more $ we get, the more game we can give you! Extra money goes into adding multiplayer modes where you can play other characters as well as THE CONVICT. Other bells and whistles include bringing in A-list voice talent, A-list musical score, as well as deeper character dynamics and multiple gaming environments. Our backers will receive fantastic prizes for supporting us in this endeavor, from receiving the game itself for a very reasonable donation ask, to signed books, digital downloads, exclusive T-Shirts, signed giclees from me, an AWESOME sculpted Convict bust, and lots more. More info and links coming when we officially open the Bad Planet Kickstarter page Thursday, July 12th! Tom and I will log onto the forum Thursday and update this thread with all the particulars. More soon! - Tim
  22. Tom and I are proud to announce the forthcoming Graphic adaptation of Dark Country. We're still working out the exact content beyond the art itself, and the short story by Tab Murphy. And we're still spitballing the exact format of presentation . . . But I can tell you it will be a hardcover book with artwork by the incomparable THOMAS OTT !!! This was a dream come true for our own Tom Jane, as he's a huge fan of Thomas Ott's work. I myself was not aware of Ott's work until Jane turned me on way back when the idea for this GN came into existence. Obviously, I'm also extremely thrilled. Here's an exclusive peek at Ott's art from the book and his famous scratch-board technique Can't wait to show it all off to everyone. We're in production as we speak. The artwork is DONE. I'm busy doing preliminary design models, working on the cover concept, and compiling the extras we'll trim out the book with. Even though you may know the story I guarantee you this trip will be worth the experience. In Tom's own words, this truly IS the director's cut. Ray Zone is even trying to talk us into doing 3D in black and white - What do you think? So, the official breakdown is - Dark Country - The Graphic Novel Hardcover Adaptation and art by Thomas Ott Story by Tab Murphy Produced and directed by Thomas Jane Designed by Tim Bradstreet Production - Marshall Dillon We're talking about releasing it exclusively for a couple weeks as a digital download from Comicsology or something, while we're waiting to get the actual books back from our printer in Korea. The idea there is to get the product out sooner than we could if we waited for the printing, shipping, and distribution. More soon, including some sneak peeks at the art. - TB
  23. Check out Tom's new rip-o-matic trailer for a badass concept he's been playing with for the last few years. Tom's got this GREAT story all mapped out. I've been nuts about it since he first brought it up like 5 years ago. Good stuff doesn't go away. After Magnificent Death, could this be our next film? Here's what Tom says about the concept - "The Six Million Dollar Man has always been my favorite 'super hero.' A little while ago I cooked up what I feel is the perfect story to bring the Bionic Man into the 21st Century... To bring life to the story, I combed through over 30 films, music videos and commercials to construct what is known in the biz as a "Rip-o-Matic." Special thanks to uber editors Byron Levy and Marc D'Mour! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. Here she is, the SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN" See more info on the story concept at the link below - Check out the vid on our Youtube Channel > - TB
  24. Tom and I hit the Adam Carolla Show on Monday - The show is up now -> http://www.adamcarolla.com/thomas-jane-and-david-wild/ Some confusion resulted in me getting aced from appearing on mic with the boys - with the exception of a single sentence from the control room . . . I get it, I'm not celebrity enough. Bummer for me as I'm a HUGE Carolla fan, and I drove up from SD enduring a two hour gridlock and a 4 hour drive! I didn't make that journey to stand in the studio sipping Adam's Diet Coke supply fer chrissakes! However, you are the one's who suffer for having missed the opportunity to hear your's truly rock it podcast-style. I'm not bitter . . . honest . . . Fun show though and honestly, the pilgrimage to Carolla's man-castle was worth any slight frustration. I've been listening to Carolla since the Loveline days (thanks to my pal, Detroit Phillips), so very cool in spite of the snub. Still, I made the show clip! Check it out here > Wanna hear TJ discuss his penchant for pissing in the sink? Click that link up top and enjoy. Thus begins our Comicon PR blitz - Stay tuned for more. - TB PS - Thanks to Adam for signing a few copies of his new book for us - If you're a fan of Adam's, you can get it here > http://www.adamcarolla.com/ntbm/
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