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Found 1 result

  1. we told you it was going to be a good summer. we've been waiting to announce this until we had the record all mixed and ready to go on iTunes= Raw Studios is getting into the music biz! i met Rusty on a trip to New Orleans a few months back. my friend lives in the Marigny district, and if you don't know - the place is frothing with music, day and night. my friend and i were riding our bikes, and we stumbled into this crusty street musician, RUSTY BLADES. something about the guy - i just connected with his stuff. we ended up hanging out, listening to his wild stories and i bought him a beer (or three) - drinking em out of plastic cups on the sidewalk. (that's New Orleans.) i asked him where i could buy his shit and he said nope, he'd never been in one place long enough to lay anything down. so i told Rusty that if he ever made it out to LA to look me up. tell the truth i forgot all about it, until a few weeks later, i got a call from the dude - sure enough he was in LA. one thing led to the other and before i knew it, i was producing my first record - a four song ep with Rusty himself! everybody's heard that great song walking down the blvd or in a beer soaked dive and thought, to quote Billy Joel, "Man, what are you doin' here?" well Rusty is that guy for me. check out more info and a song or two on Tumblr here: http://xrustyxbladesx.tumblr.com/ we'll be uploading more songs on tumblr over the next couple of days. and you can check out his stuff on iTunes right now. (the four song ep will be on there over the next few days.) a big thanks to Timmy B. for designing the album cover! and DAVID MACK for the great art. i'm talking to some vinyl companies to put out a limited release vinyl record... and we'll see how it goes. don't know if we'll ever do another record, but i'm real proud to present Rusty's stuff. love to hear what you think!
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