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Found 1 result

  1. NEW - From David J. Schow, A riveting Hitchcockian thriller from the screenwriter of THE CROW. Publication date - February 14, 2012 Description - Elias McCabe is having one hell of a night: He gets kidnapped at gunpoint by a professional hit man and is forced to shoot blackmail photos of a prominent politician. Things go wrong with the shoot… very wrong. When the night is over, Elias is scared to death … and ten thousand dollars richer. If he keeps his mouth shut. But he doesn’t — and now the hit man has targeted him for payback. As a desperate amateur in the games of death, Elias is up against a seasoned pro. As his entire life slides into the abyss, he has to stay alive by inventing new ways, moment-by-moment, to avoid, misdirect, and finally confront his ever-more-determined murderer as corpses and collateral damage stack up coast-to-coast in their wake. There was a little hullabaloo when I posted this to my Facebook page a few months ago. At the time, St. Martins was dead set against using David's original title, UPGUNNED, crying that it was awkward and would cause confusion. David and I (and others), argued that the title was original AND descriptive, not to mention that fact that when you google the title you get much more in the way of a unique hit. DJS had the same battle with INTERNECINE in 2010, with the same publisher. We were lucky then that we had an editor who really went to bat in order to keep the cool title, and eventually David won-out. In the case of UPGUNNED, it wasn't until I posted the cover art with the St. Martin's approved title change of NEGATIVE|BURN that the publisher had a change of heart. NONE of us liked NEGATIVE|BURN for a title, not over UPGUNNED . . . Thankfully, my pal Joe Pruett owns an intellectual property (a anthology comic series) by the same title. Obviously he was not willing to share it with anyone. He sent a message to the publisher that threatened legal action if they went ahead and used the title. David also sent St. Martin's a link to my facebook post to see all the negative reaction surrounding Negative Burn VS Upgunned title drama, etc . . . They got the message and thankfully acquiesced. David ended up getting his title back! Victory! A big thanks to Mr. Pruett and the fans for saving the day. Anyway . . . UPGUNNED takes place in the same world as INTERNECINE. These stories could very likely be happening concurrently. I love the way David tells this story, which is similar to INTERNECINE in that we have two protagonists, one professional killer, and one guy who finds himself out of his depth. The chapters are written from each character's point of view so we get chapter 1 from Elias' perspective and chapter two from "Gun guy's" perspective, and so on, and so on. Never read anything like that which I can remember, so it was unique story-telling in my experience. UPGUNNED is also much more GUN-CENTRIC, which is a preamble to David's next novelistic venture, VERY PARKER-esque in the Westlake mold, but far more intricate in terms of accurate weapon specifics. David is very much becoming a serious expert after GUN WORK, INTERNECINE, and UPGUNNED. A writer who knows his shit when it comes to firearms is a writer who is quickly respected by those in the know. And even to the uninitiated it's compelling stuff. GUN PORN is the new (or not so new) description for crime fiction of this nature. And Schow is turning into the Larry Flynt of crime fiction for this generation The book becomes available on Valentines Day, a couple of weeks from now. For those in the LA area, David and I will be on hand signing advanced copies at Dark Delicacies on February 11th - 3512 W. Magnolia in Burbank, at 2pm. Doug Jones (Abe Sapien from the HELLBOY films) will also be in-store. Here's a link to purchase UPGUNNED Also - It should be obvious to our forum members that once again, the illustrious Mr. Thomas Jane is the subject of the cover graphics. David wanted me to keep this in vein with INTERNECINE, only this time taking the art in the opposite direction in terms of light VS dark. Kept the same 3 colors, Black , White, and Red, as graphic motif, but went dark instead of light. Both books should feel like the same world, and I think we accomplished that in terms of similar style book design and composition. Really hope you check this one out. - TB
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