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Found 1 result

  1. we're a week out so i'm starting the thread now, before the madness begins in earnest. Tim and I have been humping away (not that kind of humping, pardner) to get everything set for what we think will be the best year yet at San Diego yet! first and foremost - TIM BRADSTREET IS AN OFFICIAL GUEST OF COMICON! and i say Finally! Tim has been a staple of the Con for going on i'm not gonna say how many years - he lives there for chrissakes - and the con is making their love affair with the Bradstreet official this year. Congrats Tim! they didn't even have to fly him in. but they ARE putting him up at a fancy hotel, giving him his own panel, wining and dining him, and generally making him feel like the superstar that he is. The backbone of Raw Studios is without a doubt, Timmy B. we'll be at our at our usual spot, booth 5539 - so come on down and say HI! how many of you are going? we'll be sure to have FREE SHIT for anyone who identifies themselves by their RAW FORUM handle. don't be like Indychick and run away! accept your fate! you are Raw & we are Legion! we've got so much cool shite going on this year i don't know where to begin. hopefully Tim will chime in here and help me lay it out for ya. oh yeah! the RAW STUDIOS PANEL! SDCC has been kind enuf to give Raw Studios another panel this year - it's SATURDAY NIGHT at 7:30! ROOM 26A/B right after a long day of walking the halls and getting sensorily accosted from every possible angle, come to room 26A/B and sit yer ass down in a CHAIR! Tim & I will accost you some more! we'll regale you with videos, movies, free shit, cool announcements, and general hi-larity. THEN you'll be good an' ready to go get drunk! or even better, hop across the street for a quick drink, THEN come in and sit yer ass down in a real, plastic CHAIR! courtesy of SDCC & Raw Studios! we've got a special something for PUNISHER FANS this year - Tim will unveil a brand new, original PUNISHER SKULL - and YOU will get a chance to win one! the unveiling will be pretty spectacular - in a way you probably haven't seen before. that's all I'll say about that. Punisher fans do not want to miss this one. PLUS! i guess it's ok to tell you guys here - but i'll have to get the OK from Tim first - we have a pretty f'ing cool video game announcement to make. don't know if it's already been talked about here, but it has something to do with one of our "intellectual properties." how about that? that's right, we are intellectual. and so is our property! ok more later, it's the damn 4th of JOO-LY and i'm going out to see some shit blow up in the sky. who's gonna be there?? (the Con, not the 4th of JOO-LY, goofball!)
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