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Found 3 results

  1. Sooooooooo......today is our RAW captain TJ's Bday.....& even though he hasn't been on RAW lately (he's a busy busy man), I still think he's worth celebrating on his day of birth, as well as, any other time of year. So if you have anything special you wish to post today on his birthday, please go right ahead & POST A PHOTO RIGHT HERE! Or maybe you want to draw or paint or sculpt or sketch him something later this year (or whenever you get a chance), POST A PHOTO RIGHT HERE, TOO! & yes, writing is accepted, as well. So if you want to write a quick message or shower him with compliments or write him a poem, then please (oh please) POST IT RIGHT HERE! We have many artists among us....Show us your Thomas Jane-related art! And who knows?......Maybe one day, Tom will actually see it. (& wouldn't that be cool to have him return to the boards & find a bunch of artwork made by all of us that was inspired by him & his work?) So let's show some love for TJ! He deserves every bit.
  2. HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, TIM !!! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful celebration!!! ?
  3. THOMAS, My admiration for you reaches the stars and the moon above, expanding the galaxy and beyond… You are & will always be one of a kind, very rare breed. And today we shall celebrate YOU! HAPPY 47TH, BIRTHDAY, TJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you have... THE MOST WONDERFULLY, FANTASTICALLY SUPER AWESOME, OUT-0F-THIS-WORLD BDAY !!! HUGS with HEART -- Rosella Intercepting Special Transmission… *static* This satellite photo was taken earlier this morning, at 12:01am exactly. No one knows of their origin, but these extraterrestrials landed on Earth with a message for The Chosen One aka TJ. They believe this man to be the leader of mankind, a great & powerful individual who possesses special, unique, and weirdcool qualities. It is believed that these creatures from a galaxy far far away have spent years, decades even (spanning 4 decades & 7 years to be exact) studying this spectacular specimen of the human race in hopes of finding out how a man can be so talented and work so hard every day of his life. Their findings: incalculable and so far from over. But one thing is for certain……they come bringing gifts beyond the wildest of dreams & an offering of peace…..... & cake. It is in everyone’s best interest to remain calm & party on responsibly. Or else... ...Transmission Over
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