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  1. Bloody awesome site! As for the upcoming DVD release, an appropriate quote comes to mind: 'It was the best of times; it was the worst of times...' Keep the faith, everyone. And thanks to everyone who has lent their talent to this forum.
  2. Tab is getting verrry excited. That is one helluva poster, TB. Love it!
  3. I's my understanding that the movie will be finished toward the end of Oct. At that point, the brain trust (oxymoron?) at Sony will determine whether the film will receive theatrical distribution. Unfortunately, that determination isn't always made based on the quality of the move. More often it has to do with audience demographic and whether they feel they can sell it. Having the film shot in 3-D will help its cause, I would think. Believe me, no one wants a theatrical release more than I do, except for possibly Tom. I've seen a very early cut, and even in its roughest form, it plays like gangbusters. Tab Murphy
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. I have to say, I haven't been this intimidated by a pool of talent since I first sat in a Disney conference room with the directors and artists that would go on to make 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'. This has such the feeling of 'the little movie that could' about it. Some day I'll relay the story of how it all came about (at least the script part), but suffice to say that it was due in no small part to the tenacity and vision of your director. May the movie Gods continue to shine on you all. Tab Murphy (Hibernating somewhere in the Canadian Rockies...)
  5. Hey Everyone- Really enjoying both the production diary and Boyle's camera blog. Since the writer's strike is in full swing, I won't get a chance to visit the set (Strike Rule # 26 , so these diaries are my only way to stay connected to the shoot. Not quite as good as being there, but almost. I can't tell you how exciting it is to have this amazing team (Jane, Allcock, Boyle, Bradstreet, Aiello, German, Ray 3-D, etc. etc.) bringing to life a script that began as an idea during a long nighttime drive through the New Mexico desert some ten years ago. It's amazing, the sick and twisted places your mind will wander, if only you let it. And from what I know of this crew, you guys let yours wander there A LOT. Keep up the excellent work, fight the good fight and I'll be seeing you all at the premiere. Tab Murphy
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