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  1. Just finished the inks on these two pieces.....now on to the painting. Zombie 01 Zombie 02 Pretty much working on an entire series of these for the summer to offer as prints during conventions. Cheers T
  2. All inked...just finished penciling the second Zombie piece and starting the inks tonight. This inked piece is 14X17. Painted piece will be about twice the size. Here is the second piece penciled. This penciled thumbnail is on 8 1/2 X 11 bristol vell. I'll enlarge it and place it on 14X17 Bristol tonight. TDZ
  3. So....I'm starting on a series of Zombie pieces for the 2010 convention series this year. First convention starting Wizard World Philly. I'll offer a number of formats and sizes from inked prints 11X17 to poster sized colored versions and of course the one Painted version of each piece. Just finished the pencils of the first piece....the picture was taken with my phone....so...it's not the best picture...but pretty much gets the idea and image across. Haven't really did any type of penciling for ages.....kinda nice to take a break from inking all the time. Cheers TDZ
  4. Thanks Tim. I'll have to stop by your booth. Longtime fan of your work....and have used your technique in my inking and airbrushing as well....more so with the airbrushing at first...then late last year jumping on a title and using what I learned while airbrushing in my inking. I think it takes a special someone to really love throwing ink on a page day in and day out...including the nights. lol To me for some reason I tell people that ask why ink....why not just pencil or do both...I tell then it's calming to me for some strange reason. I can do booth...but enjoy inking more. Anyway...I'll have to post some work I'm doing for prints this convention season here...or course facebook too. And thanks for clearing up the mix-up on the forum.....nice place here. Cheers TDZ
  5. Been inking since 1995 thru 2001 and took a 8-9 year break from it to pursue other art. Which turned into airbrushing and caricature. Funny thing about airbrushing......did a lot of comic book related material during those years ....and the caricature work just reinforced my sketches and taught me to sketch faster and under a lot of pressure. Some samples: Alternation Annie Pin-Up Pencils: Carlo Barberi Inks: Troy D. Zurel Thorm Storm as Thor! Pencils: Clayton Henry Inks: Troy Zurel Deathstroke the Terminator Penciler - Chris Stevens Inker - Troy D. Zurel Ironman Pencils - S. Platt Inks - Troy Zurel Lady Death. Pencils - Michael Cornelius Suayan Inks - Troy Zurel ---Lots of detail. Inferno Hellbound 1 Dale Keown Cover 1 Pencils - Dale Keown Inks - Troy Zurel ---Enlarged this because of all the detail involved. Werewolf by Night Pencils - Michael Cornelius Suayan Inks - Troy D. Zurel --- Again posted a little larger because of the amount of detail. Figured I share a sample of my inks. As soon as I am able to release some of the work that I have been working on for the last four months...I'll post them. Just happy to be working again in this industry. Cheers. TDZ
  6. Nice! I haven't been since 1994.....which kinda shows my age...I do remember Tim selling prints there...think this was the same yr that Kevin Smith was showing Mall Rats and Fisher was selling tshirt tell Marvel what to do. I'll be there promoting the title I've been working on with Pat Lee Productions the last four months. Great looking book. Plus, it'll be nice to catch up with everyone that I haven't seen in so long. Cheers TDZ
  7. Troy Zurel. Think we had an entire night we were drinking.....wanna say it was in the bar downstairs and there was something where Everett from London Night was being followed around by his entire staff all night....and when he was ready for bed....he made everyone leave. Like I said it was a long time ago. Always wondered what you were up to. Troy
  8. Wondering it this might be the same Jason Moore that I knew from CompuServe... shared a couple of beers with during Chicago Comic-Con in the 90's.
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