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  1. Season 2 doesn't grab you like Season 1. I found myself looking for clues, looking for something pulpy, looking for great performances and interesting characters and really, all the characters were pretty unlikable at first, but it was True Detective and I was determined to stick it out. I ended up really liking their arcs and finding I enjoy the show as much as the first but for completely different reasons. Season 1 had a lot of Louisiana in the very flavor of the show. Season 2 is the same. You really feel like your in California. I think maybe some of the performances suffered because their were more characters and more going on so it made it hard to glom on to one persons struggle but eventually it happens and it worked really well. Ive enjoyed it am looking forward to tonight.
  2. True Detective Season 2. I don't care what anyone says Im enjoying the hell out of it. Strikeback came back this weekend and I caught that too. Strong season opener, very cool.
  3. Hey Tim, You said you were going to be popping in more on the board! So here it is! Thanks so much for being sooooo great in Boston! You went through our book cover to cover and really gave great feedback and insight to my friend Keith and that's not the first time Ive seen you do that at a show for someone. Thanks again and we hope you guys come back next year!
  4. Holy shit its been a while Raw Board folks! Sorry for my absence. Outside world beckons heavy sometimes. I was at the Boston Comic Con yesterday and was able to meet Tim and Tom and attend a panel, which Tom handled like a trooper. I cant say they commented on anything new but they were generous with their time and have some new projects in the pipeline coming our way soon. So hang in there folks! Thanks again to Mark, Tim and Tom. I wish I had more time to pick Tom's brain but there were a pile of other people who wanted to say hi to him.
  5. Finished the first book. Tom is going to won this if he wants. The book is a blast. Looking forward to reading the second book in the series. Some people call it the "Game of Thrones" of Space Operas. I would say the book was quite a bit more economical than that but that's not a cut on it. I just didn't see it as EPIC as GOT.
  6. Esco


    Any word on Boston?
  7. Just started reading Leviathan Wakes. WOW is it good so far. Like someone grabbing your lapels and yanking you onto your toes.
  8. I would have loved to have seen this! That's awesome. The TJ suggestions were great. He's really done some interesting and amazing stuff. I'd love hear him talk about working with Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, and Monica Bellucci in Under Suspicion. Or Mickey Rourke in Killshot.
  9. TV seems to be where its at now. Better suited to telling better stories I think. 10 or 12 hours compared to 2 or 3. This sounds great and I cant wait! Off to get the book....
  10. Esco

    I JUST...

    THANK YOU Dude! Check it out, like the page! Please! We're half way through another book we're calling the Keyholders. Political treasure hunt action type of story. Heavy on the pulp. All my stuff is heavy on the pulp I guess.
  11. LOTS of rumors circulating about a leaked script, (I hate when that shit happens) and if its to be believed there will be one male lead and some other smaller main roles, which sort of contradicts what Pizzolatto said in his last interview on the subject but really until HBO announces solid news on cast I don't really care. I don't care one way or another and I don't really want to know anything about it until I see the first episode air. I thought the show was really a perfect storm of vision and execution. If you havnt read Galveston, you should check it out. Great book by Nick Pizzolatto. I do know the the director or maybe the cinematographer has moved on and is not planning to return, which really bums me out because I thought that the way it was shot really gave the show a heavy atmosphere that really help it breathe and come alive. Like as a viewer you were watching this unfold from a diner around the corner instead of home in your living room.
  12. I picked up Tim's IDW book when I saw it in Previews and wondered why it wasn't coming from Tim himself but didn't care. It's Bradstreet I must have IT! Great pics. Glad all is good with the Mr. Bradstreet. Boston Comic Con says Tim will be in Boston. Is this still a go?
  13. Rain Rain go away you son of a bitch..
  14. Just finished up Penny Dreadful. Not earth shattering but still very cool. Amazing work from Eva Green. I'm eagerly awaiting the next seasons of, Homeland, Banshee, Strikeback, The Red Road, and of course the amazing True Detective.
  15. Esco

    I JUST...

    HELLO RAW! Sorry to hear about your health issue there Sinn. I have a friend going through almost the same thing right now but it wasn't as bad. He's bouncing right back after the surgery. Hoping all's well in your camp. I was in a car accident a few months back but all's well, nothing two months of physical therapy and some well placed painkillers couldn't fix. Earlier in the year it was a dirtbike wreak, now the car, I may just take up hiking and walking. Anyway, my book Martin Chase : Human Weapon is FINALLY getting printed this month and we will be selling them and prints of the Paul Gulacy cover at the Boston Comic Con next month where, there's a rumor Mr. Tim Bradstreet may be appearing. My fingers are crossed... Please check out my LIGHT SPEED SPIRIT facebook page for all my comic writing info. I have four other books in the works (only 1 mentioned on the page though).
  16. Pretty cool Jen! I went old school and started my day with a soundtrack to a old french film whose name I cant recall but the soundtrack features Miles Davis. It's loose and tastefull playing. Then moved into some 80's metal with some classic Judas Priest, then some Austraila Rock by a band called Powderfinger, returned to the 80's for Tora Tora's debut album and rounded the day out with Wasp- The Headless Children. Then I was too sick to stay at work and came home, poured some cough medicine down my throat and passed out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p-BfRFPGR0
  17. Obviously I'd prefer Tom in his own projects but it's fun to see him all kinds of stuff. Obviously the bigger profile he gets hopefully the easier it'll be for him to get his own things done.
  18. Bummed about the Delay! Dear Movie Gods, Whats your problem? Do you see the crap in my multiplex? Give me this movie and I swear, swear, I will, I dont know, sit through Vampire Academy or something...I'm on knees here!
  19. Black Angels! I'm hooked! That HBO show True Detectives got me hooked on them.
  20. Esco

    I JUST...

    I just found my goddamn password! I tacked it to my desk! Hope all's well here in Rawboard land!
  21. Esco

    I JUST...

    I just decided to throw it out there..New york Comic Con next week..Artist Alley table T-8. Stop by and say hi and grab a copy of my NYCC preview of Martin Chase: Human Weapon, which is coming out in December with a cover by Paul Gulacy. My Artist was com ing from Italy but was HIT BY A CAR so it'll be me and my friend Keith Murphy at the table. Keith is a hell of an artist in his own right so feel free to hit him up for a sketch.
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