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  1. When Det. Miller was introduced to you what was your feeling on the character? Did you want the role or did you need to think about it?
  2. Good Afternoon Jane, I want to say you have been anazing on The Expanse. I dont know if you keep up with how alot of these articles about toxic fans but alot of these fans that hate on things just love you and the expanse. I was watching some star trek and star wars hate. JJ Abrams and Nad robot to be exact and the brought up how awesome the expanse was and so I watched it and thought it was perfect. Your a actor I think I dont see enough of and alot of others agree. You made Miller. You made me care for a character that seemed to not even care about himself. The reason the show went to Amazon was due to your hard work as a actor. That it was saved or people wanted it saved is proof enough. Thank you Punisher -Christian S.
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