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    Reading, writing, listening to Music - a lot, learning new things and enjoying life.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday Hope you had a great day.
  2. Yeah I saw this the other day and thought to share it here and then forgot because I had to go out. So its great you shared it instead Was good seeing his directing. Also that stunt with Amos had me laugh at first and then think ohh crap hope he was okay from that.
  3. I can imagine admining - if that's even a word (probably administrating), the group can be a pain and take a lot of time. People like to sneak in comments and such when they think no one is paying attention. Or you get the odd one you missed and get called out as if it was done deliberately. So yeah can fully understand your loss of enthusiasm.
  4. Thanks, and yeah its a long journey for me too. There are other guests going I wouldn't mind seeing if he wasn't able to make it and the date wasn't then. But if he's the only reason to go and doesn't then its quite a lot otherwise. Thanks, looks like my Mum might be getting her operation this year but still hoping we can go. Booked our park passes now and my Dad is really looking forward to it, even said about getting him a Mickey mouse birthday cake for his birthday while we're there.
  5. Well Fuck my Luck.. New dates announced Ladies and this time it clashes with my Mum's 70th Birthday bloody typical.. I mean okay I didn't mind missing my sister's stupid wedding but I don't think I can miss my Mum's big birthday, doubt she'll be happy with me about that. - refund requests will open Feb 28th - March 25th so making sure I don't miss that. Maybe I'll get to see Thomas J another time.
  6. I think it went well.. yeah things were different from the book. I don't think it went downhill more as switch in pace and where the crew were in relation to each other. Things seemed more disjointed because they were. Naomi was close to the main protagonist which may have been why it felt that way, it took the focus away from Holden. In the books there's another storyline going on on Earth which they missed out, I guess it was because it didn't tie in a great deal to the main story but gave a different example of the impact of the meteors. If done right the next season will be quite exciting but its hoping people will stick around for it if they didn't enjoy this one so much.
  7. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    It was dry for a short time but then wet again so all I managed to spot was a wood pigeon. I'm playing Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic. On LOTRO I've been making a lot of songs and playing music with other talented musicians, using midi files and turning them into abc files. Its been fun and about as close as I can get to seeing live bands playing, other than you tube of course. My niece is due in June. She wasn't really sure if she could get pregnant or what one of the doctors told her at least she suffers with Endometriosis. But she's in a very stable relationship with a job etc.
  8. Hey, sorry for late reply. He was in the hospital for a week but is very much on the mend now, thankyou. x
  9. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    Ouchy, hope you feel better soon. Sending you hugs. I'm really lucky in that my parents are in the same town as me and I'm in their support bubble because my Mum sometimes needs help with shopping due to her knee. My sister on the other hand is down in Devon , her two daughters live separate to her but they're same town and they can't visit each other. Her younger one (24) is pregnant with her first child. The older one has two kids as well so its all having to keep to their own places. We have a family whatsapp group and my parents facetime them all so they get to keep in touch that way. I feel sorry for other people who live away from family and don't get to see friends. I miss not seeing some of my friends and going to the local pub to listen to them playing music. I'm meant to be doing the RSPB thing this weekend too but its been pouring it down with rain here so not exactly birdwatching weather either. Been doing the usual playing MMORPGS and watching some stuff on Amazon inbetween, all caught up on Season 5 so having to wait for each episode to drop.
  10. We booked last year and we have to go this year because my parents are going and my Mum is hoping for a hip operation next year. Its my older son who's paying mostly for myself and the younger one. But yeah really hoping we won't have to cancel. Family holiday to Disney World staying on Resort.
  11. Well that's finally official then. Not sure I want to roll my tickets over now as the new date is probably going to be too close to August for me and that's when I go to Florida.
  12. Well the posts last year didn't age too well Here's hoping this one will be slightly better... mine didn't start off too good as we had to send my Dad into hospital on New Year's day with an infection that had him feeling very ill.
  13. As things are going do we think April will go ahead? I've got my fingers crossed as this will be my only comicon this year. Just a bit worried especially with most the country in tier 4 and 3 now.
  14. I forgot that happened. I've read the books but its been a while so can't remember all the details. Episode 5 was pretty good too, loved seeing Amos with Peaches and how that whole situation worked out.
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