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  1. Hahaha I love horror and horror games and racing games I play Assassins Creed as well and fallout I never got into mass effect but I always wanted to, you have just reminded me I need to play those games lol that’s my weekend sorted off to the game shop now Me thinks lol cross platform is a great I idea, are only certain games cross platform though because there’s Afew games I wouldn’t mind playing with my pc mates from work but I don’t have a pc so I play console indie games the last one I really loved was hotline Miami that was brilliant it’s just got a switch release I see that’s a game worth checking out i haven’t played sea of thieves though but I’m in to the whole pirate thing black sails I really enjoyed. the expanse audiobooks I’ve never tried audiobooks maybe I should check this out also. as for the autograph yeah I think your idea is a good one just give it 30 days then just see what’s happening although I’m sure Gail is right Geoff will make good on is offer if I don’t hear anything and then I will be one seriously happy man autograph by the man himself wow !!!
  2. Yeah I will just wait longer, it’s like they say good things come to those who wait Thanks Gail
  3. Hi, The Goktor Gun was an absolute classic it came out on pc so I’m sure you can hunt down a cheap enough copy and give it a blast It’s certainly up there with Red dead. shame you haven’t played RDR 1 or 2 they are really good I like the undead night mare add on can’t beat some zombie killing lol I was really surprised to learn Thomas did the voice in gun but now thinking back I remember thinking that’s some good voice acting so it makes sense lol i haven’t read the expanse books how many are we up too now is it 8 ?? I will have to start them at sometime when I get the chance what do you play on the pc The Goktor?? And Just to mention the status of the Autograph to Gail And Geoff nothing heard back from that email yet I probably haven’t left it long enough have I ??? kind Regards Jonathan
  4. I can imagine my iPhone would have definitely been on the floor too me probably at the side of it lol and okay thanks for the advice guys I will just wait on the email kind regards Jonathan
  5. Hahaha yeah spotting the expanse trend deep blue sea what a film I still have it on vhs lol can’t believe you got help from the man himself that is an amazing story You have all been so welcoming I will definitely be sticking around Gail do you think I should write the address you gave me as well as just email ??
  6. Hahaha I binge watch too lol I can’t watch just week by week I have to watch it all in one go The expanse I love it season 4 soon I believe Honestly I’m with you it is an endeavour I share with you even to this day I still find out things like the voice of Colton white in one of my favourite Xbox games gun well that was Thomas it’s just incredible just like the man himself and I like you I cannot wait for the new things the man is working on with all the team at RAW such talent and I can’t believe the kindness and support in this forum it is the first one I have ever joined I’m sure with this forums fan support and the talent at RAW the sky is not even the limit thank you for sharing
  7. And thanks Gail I will do that kind regards jon
  8. The punisher 2004 I’m a massive punisher fan and in my opinion he was the best he was brilliant he just nailed it in my eyes then I went back and watched deep blue sea and again he is just incredible now I watch everything he is in without fail because I know it’s going to be brilliant lol Gail your definitely all absolutely brilliant I haven’t got a computer but I got an iPhone and I thought I would reach out I’m so glad I did what was your guys films or series that Got you hooked on Thomas ???
  9. Wow you guys are all amazing it’s so lovely to meet you all and thank you for making me feel okay about my punctuation or lack of lol thank you Geoff I have emailed the address Gail sent me and I will wait to hear back but I can’t believe you could arrange something like that absolutely incredible and I can’t thank you all enough I don’t have a time frame it’s just a dream if I ever got something signed by Thomas Kind regards Jonathan
  10. Wow!! thank you ever so much for that I will give it ago kind regards jonathan
  11. Hi, everyone my names jon and I live in the uk I suck at punctuation but I’m a massive Thomas Jane fan and I’m hoping you can help me with a problem how would I go about getting an autograph?? That isn’t a fake off eBay and I have another problem if I send a stamped address envelope anywhere to the USA it won’t be returned to me even if I fill it with a book load of your stamps to return it the only way I can figure it is to ask Thomas Jane if he could just send me one and that is like cheap and terribly cheeky and also how would I contact him ?? any help with this would be greatly appreciated as it would really would be a dream come true kind regards Jonathan
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