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  1. Tell me about it - so many people sending me message, pretending to be people I follow; half of them don't even spell the names correctly! I've had several Tomas Jaynes saying hello, and one Thoomas Jain! I really don't know what they expect to get out of it.
  2. You've hit the nail squarely on the head there, CJ!
  3. Exactly! Polyamory is not something that appeals to me but logically-speaking, it makes far more sense than just two people being together. Especially from a procreation perspective. Imagine being brought up in Holden's family... all those different parents you could go to when one tells you no, you can't have an ice cream before your dinner!
  4. Yes, Kevin wasn't overly; impressed, either. Not just because of the weekly drop but he feels that since the series went to Amazon, it really lacks the impact of the first three series. I don't really know if he's right because I'm not viewing through the eyes of someone who hasn't read the books; the fact that I have is always going to have an impact on my viewing experience. That said though, from an end user POV, I still feel the weekly drop was a terrible idea. However, from a business perspective, it makes sense to make sure you get subscription fees from people who would otherwise just sign up for a free trial just to watch the series, and who then never subscribe. I thought that about S4. So much they left out, which, TBH, had they at least retained Naomi's story, may have stopped so many people whining about her in S5! Completely agree about Amos' journey. And not just his physical one from The Pit to Lake Winnipesaukee but his emotional and psychological one, too. I did really like that scene when he says to Peaches that he really needs to get back to crew. The fact that he recognised how much of a moral compass they are for him, really speaks volumes as to how far he's come as a character. Drummer was superb in this series... but then how could she not be! Ha ha! I love that we got a glimpse into her family life, even though it became seriously fractured. The scene with the droplets of drink was wonderful! (Side note: in the group I'm an admin of, there were so many people who just couldn't grasp the concept of a group of Belters all being married to each other, and weren't impressed... and yet they have no problem with Holden's family setup being the same. Some of our members are, to put it mildly, a tad odd!) I love the tattoos - they are all so cool. And I love that just as many women as men have them. But that is just another example of the equality between the sexes in The Expanse. And quite right too. On the subject of hair etc. Anyone else feel that Marco was channelling Prince?! The hair, the eyeliner, the upturned collar... even the way he sashays into view!
  5. Blooper reel, and some BTS with a certain person!
  6. Oh, don't get me wrong, I think the internet is a wonderful thing... I'd be out of a job if it didn't exist! And would never have been able to live in foreign climes. But it's a heck of a time-waster, too!
  7. Hope she doesn't have to wait too long for the op. Your dad sounds sweet!
  8. I spend half my working life managing other people's social media, so I have lost my enthusiasm for it, somewhat! And right now, the Expanse FB group I admin is taking up so much time, due to trolls. We're still dealing with the influx we had during the US elections and subsequent sedition shenanigans. Also, the absolute troll I'm having to deal with regarding Cas. Social media can be so bloody toxic. My life was so much simpler before the internet!
  9. Aah, I see. Good for you! I haven't been paying attention to Insta for a while.
  10. Have I missed something or has Thomas' Insta account been hacked?
  11. So sorry, I completely missed that you had replied! Fingers crossed you get your holiday this year!
  12. Oh, BTW... check out this series of pics on Insta - so funny! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLW7UIELXpB/
  13. I agree. I thought the way he went out was perfect, especially as high G strokes had been mentioned right from S1. I did wonder whether Bobbie talking about it in S5 was a re-shoot. If not, was this planned all along, given that it's ending after S6? I would seem highly coincidental though, in view of the-thing-that-shall-not-be-named. I really like the direction she's going in. It's entirely in keeping with her not wanting to be the 'monster' she created for the sake of misguided vengeance. As she said in one of the episodes, the old Clarissa is dead. And you're right, she's so good at snark! I was too at first because of how much was left out, and some of the changes that were made. I confess to still not understanding why Basia was changed to Lucia! The fact that in the books it was Katoa's dad, makes so much more sense than a random character with no history in the story. But hey ho, if I were in charge of bringing The Expanse to the small screen, it would never be green-lit because I'd want to be very stubborn, and insist on having all the things included!
  14. I think part of the problem is that the crew is scattered all over the place, and while it's easy enough to build a solid narrative in a book, things often seem disjointed on TV. The Roci and Razorback scenes did feel shoehorned in at times. It often seemed that the show lacked flow. Again though, it may feel otherwise upon re-watch. I still say that the thing the TV show does badly is marking the passage of time. This is my only real gripe with it, and I think part of the problem is that with something set on earth (for example), day to night, celebrations and holidays, changing seasons, etc., are all great devices for such purposes. For example, those of us who live with four seasons a year get a sense of how much time has passed between, say, autumn and winter. But how do you do that on a TV show set in space, without any of the indicators we all take for granted, without explicitly stating it? Even when there are scenes set on earth, you still rarely get a sense of how much time has passed!
  15. I agree! In fact, I actually felt it got better as the series went on! I thought Dominique did such a superb job throughout the series, especially in E8. Absolutely brilliant! I also love that there was no spoon-feeding, so if you haven't read the book, you do actually have to think about what's going on on-screen (e.g. with Naomi carving those notches to keep note of the air depletion in the cabin). E8 was actually my favourite one, and I loved that it gave a reason to keep watching until the end of the credits. And speaking of which, I really liked the after-credits payoff in E10, too. I like that they incorporated The Churn but again, I feel it could have been done better. Not because there was anything particularly wrong with the way it was translated to screen, more that it lacked the emotional depth of the novella. I would've liked to have seen more of Amos and Peaches' journey (and Amos' personal journey) because it was pretty epic in the book but I understand why this was cut down. (And in the book, they rode pushbikes, which makes far more sense, IMO.) Likewise the escape from The Pit was nowhere near as dramatic on TV as in the book. I really don't understand why they had to have that weeing scene with Peaches and Amos. Was it to show they trusted each other? I think everyone had already worked that one out! They could have had the conversation while standing up, sitting down, eating a meal, walking along... the toileting added nothing to the story, and just felt completely gratuitous, which is something I would never have expected from The Expanse. I did love the way Amos got Peaches on board the Roci - that scene was fantastic! And I also liked the bottle of tequila falling & smashing as a metaphor for Amos' decision to once and for all close the door on his past. What happened with Alex is almost exactly what I suspected - that his fate would actually be Fred's from the next book (but I didn't expect it to be on the Razorback Screaming Firehawk). I must admit though, that despite it being my initial supposition, there was a brief moment when I was hoping that he'd just return to Mars to make a go of things with his family, leaving the way open for a return! While I enjoyed the series overall, some of it I felt was pretty anticlimactic, and a bit meh. I really don't feel it came anywhere near as close to the sense of terror and desperation that the book conveyed, simply because they missed out so much. The rocks hitting earth, for example, and the aftermath, almost felt like an afterthought. Compared to the book**, there really was very little to suggest the sheer scale of the devastation wrought. **Which I know is a bad thing to do! Part of me regrets reading the books before the entire series end. In my defence though, it had been cancelled, so as far as I knew, there would be no more! (I could have stopped reading when S4 was announced though, I suppose.) One of my friends is an astrobiologist, and watched S1 years ago but was too busy with her studies to watch any more. She's currently re-watching S1, and is planning to watch them all. I was chatting with her last night, and realised that I actually feel quite envious of the marvellous journey she has before her! Ha ha! I suspect I may feel differently about the parts I was less than enamoured with once I have re-watched it. So far, I've only watched each episode as it aired, which, for something like The Expanse, is not the best way, I feel. I just haven't made time to give it my full attention, so would rather wait until I am able to watch properly!
  16. Nicole

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    Thank you Geoff, and you too. How are you all?
  17. Nicole

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    It is crazy, isn't it?! Still, it won't be forever. Next door has squirrels but I think they get far more grub from there than they'd find in our garden, so they seem to be keeping away from the food we put out. I am so thankful we don't have sparrow hawks here - we'd have no passerines left! A couple wiped out all the small birds from K's sister's garden. Even the dog didn't deter them! Still, beautiful animals though! How are you feeling today? What was the op for? When K finally had his hernia surgery at the end of November, he was groggy for several days, and completely exhausted, so I hope you're getting plenty of rest, and having your every need taken care of! Wishing you a very speedy recovery, s├ęsata! When is the baby due? Must be very hard, and quite worrying, to be pregnant during a pandemic. I saw a comment from someone on Twitter the other day, saying that had she realised at the beginning of last year how bad things would be, she would never have got pregnant. We're so fortunate in that a) we have each other, and b) are used to being away from our people for long periods, so the pandemic hasn't come as a great shock. TBH, we've not been hugely affected by it (although I would dearly love to be able to go to the hairdresser!). Must be incredibly hard for some people who are alone, and winter makes it seem so much worse, doesn't it? Have you managed to record much bird life yet? Yesterday was a bit of a non-event but it's dry today, so fingers crossed! What MMO are you playing at the moment?
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    How is everyone at the moment? All hale and hearty, I hope! Are you all coping with not being able to see family? It's mad that we moved here to be closer to ours, and I've seen my daughter for five mins on Christmas Eve when we dropped pressies off, and K and I have seen his family a total of four times in person. We do Skype with K's mum every day though, and we have been taking afternoon tea with her and his sister via Skype on Sundays. It's not quite the same as being together in person but it suffices. In other news, we have lots of birds where we live (including several red kites, yay!), so we set up a hanging feeder for the tits and finches. And then another. And then another. We now have a big feeding station and several independent hangers, plus a ground feeding station for robins etc. It's amazing how many feathered friends we now have. Truly lovely! We're doing the RSPB big garden birdwatch this weekend (if it stops snowing long enough for the birds to come out of hiding), and so are our neighbours. I noticed this morning that they have put out a very large log with loads of 'big' food - I suspect they are trying to tempt the magpies and kites! It's great that we can watch what's going on in each other's gardens, and compare notes! Do you have any plans this weekend? Going on nice walks, perhaps? Doing a spot of DIY? Hobbies? Bingeing TJ?
  19. Assuming you'll be vaccinated by then, and allowed to travel, of course! Honestly, until everyone has had all their shots and boosters, and the efficacy has been proven, I just won't be making any plans. Not sure I want to have to cope with the disappointment if it all goes pear-shaped! Really hope your travel plans don't have to be put on hold, CJ. Will you (hopefully) be visiting for a holiday?
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    Yes, I am always bemused by people who blame others for the choices they've freely made! As for the panic buying, I've been seeing people on social media talking about it today. It seems that some people just can't help themselves when it comes to selfish behaviour. And where the heck do they store all those toilet rolls and packets of pasta?? I agree, it really is so hard for some folk, and I do feel for them. Especially ones who really need support. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like. Really sad. And of course, it's awful for people trapped in abusive relationships. I am so sorry about your mum, Gail - I imagine it must be rather heartbreaking at times. Sending you lots of socially-distanced virtual hugs.
  21. I think it would be far more realistic to just say "buggrit", and aim for next year, when hopefully we'll all be in a position to meet up!
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    Oh gosh, hope your boss is ok, Gail. Exactly. Perhaps if they had in the first place, we might not be in this situation now. Especially all the people who've been on protests during lockdown and other restrictions. And all the ones who flocked to tourist spots. And... well, just people in general, really!
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