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  1. Tell me about it - so many people sending me message, pretending to be people I follow; half of them don't even spell the names correctly! I've had several Tomas Jaynes saying hello, and one Thoomas Jain! I really don't know what they expect to get out of it.
  2. You've hit the nail squarely on the head there, CJ!
  3. Exactly! Polyamory is not something that appeals to me but logically-speaking, it makes far more sense than just two people being together. Especially from a procreation perspective. Imagine being brought up in Holden's family... all those different parents you could go to when one tells you no, you can't have an ice cream before your dinner!
  4. Yes, Kevin wasn't overly; impressed, either. Not just because of the weekly drop but he feels that since the series went to Amazon, it really lacks the impact of the first three series. I don't really know if he's right because I'm not viewing through the eyes of someone who hasn't read the books; the fact that I have is always going to have an impact on my viewing experience. That said though, from an end user POV, I still feel the weekly drop was a terrible idea. However, from a business perspective, it makes sense to make sure you get subscription fees from people who would otherwise
  5. Blooper reel, and some BTS with a certain person!
  6. Oh, don't get me wrong, I think the internet is a wonderful thing... I'd be out of a job if it didn't exist! And would never have been able to live in foreign climes. But it's a heck of a time-waster, too!
  7. Hope she doesn't have to wait too long for the op. Your dad sounds sweet!
  8. I spend half my working life managing other people's social media, so I have lost my enthusiasm for it, somewhat! And right now, the Expanse FB group I admin is taking up so much time, due to trolls. We're still dealing with the influx we had during the US elections and subsequent sedition shenanigans. Also, the absolute troll I'm having to deal with regarding Cas. Social media can be so bloody toxic. My life was so much simpler before the internet!
  9. Aah, I see. Good for you! I haven't been paying attention to Insta for a while.
  10. Have I missed something or has Thomas' Insta account been hacked?
  11. So sorry, I completely missed that you had replied! Fingers crossed you get your holiday this year!
  12. Oh, BTW... check out this series of pics on Insta - so funny! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLW7UIELXpB/
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