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  1. I'll probably do similar. I don't want to have to wait a week in between each episode!
  2. This is not a drill folks.... 70 days to go!
  3. Adding my wishes into the mix for a fab burpday, @Mamabear1974 - have a smashing day!
  4. Wishing you a truly lovely birthday, Rosella!
  5. Nope, it's on Facebook! And we have a decent-sized admin team for our group, spread around the planet, so someone is always around to keep order!
  6. Nicole

    I JUST...

    Awwww, have a lovely holiday, CJ - it'll do you all the world of good! x
  7. Those are pretty cool, Geoff! Would they be in women's fit, or just standard men's fit? I love the "That's it!" part!
  8. Being pretty tall, it kind of happens naturally for me! That said, I'm generally not keen on being the centre of attention - it's not a lack of confidence thing, I just prefer to quietly skulk! Ha! That would be epic, Geoff - thank you!
  9. Nicole

    I JUST...

    Especially as I now know that I can start drinking at 10am!
  10. It would be soooo cool to meet the gang! Of course, we'd all have to get official tee shirts for the occasion!
  11. Who knows? I may even be able to make it!
  12. Nicole

    I JUST...

    Thank you, Ariane! And yes, I suspect that we'll be thoroughly enjoying living there! Thank you! Oh yes, that letterbox will be to me what windows are to house cats! I'm at the stage now where I just want to get on and do things but I have organised everything! Notifications of change of address to everyone I can think of, and post redirection set up for any I've forgotten. New accounts and direct debits set up for fuel, water, council tax, broadband, etc. Notice given to old accounts. Removals firm booked, cleaner for this place booked for the 23rd (because Covid regulations s
  13. Nicole

    I JUST...

    So, I have big news - so big in fact, that it deserves its own post! We pick up the keys to our new home next week! Cool, eh? But wait, there's more! Ha ha! We'd found three houses we liked the look of, so booked viewings. Two of them proved that the camera really can lie! However, this wasn't a problem because it meant it was easy to make a decision about them. One of them looked beautiful in the photos but in reality, it was filthy, full of damp, and far, far smaller than the photos and floorplan suggested. The third house was stunningly beautiful. About 10 mins further
  14. Nicole

    I JUST...

    Thanks so much, Gail! She's due on February 17th, and R is absolutely thrilled at the prospect of being a big brother! Oh gosh, that sounds incredibly painful for him. Has he heard anything about an appointment yet? I really hope it happens soon. xx Pretty much, yes! Ha ha! And thank you! Thank you again! xx I did see it - pretty cool stuff! Oh dear! How old are yours now? And thank you - right now, her main concern is a painful cyst that's getting larger. She has a fantastic midwife though, who is incredibly supportive, and is pushing for L's gynae c
  15. Why have I only just seen this? And why am I not in any way surprised by it?
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