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  1. Hi everyone ! I couldn’t login for a long time, while I was watching this movie tonight I wanted to share TJ’s photos in the soundtrack’s booklet. Hope you enjoy !
  2. Thank you Geoff That’s a good point, I was just thinking about it. Now I changed the logo and I think that looks pretty good with the red autograph print.
  3. Thanks a lot Hope you can meet him in August. I was hoping to meet him this month in NJ
  4. What an incredible memory you got ! Not yet printed it, thanks for your kind words. Yeah I love Bon Jovi and TJ so much You know what ? They were in the same magazine in 2007. I still keep it and I can share the pics if you want. I was planning to wear a tshirt like this here in NJ. But unfortunately the Expanse Con is cancelled due to covid 19. What’s your instagram name by the way, I didn’t know that you’re following me there.
  5. Thank you Couldn’t met him if you didn’t let me know that day Appreciate it !
  6. Thank you so much ! Hope I can wear it if I can meet him one day again. I really wanna hope this
  7. Today I made a tshirt design that includes the best moment, logo, autograph print and wanted to share it here What do you think ?
  8. My pleasure I’m not a fan of Elton either , I don’t like him but, TJ always makes beautiful the things in. That’s my point. Just listened a few songs of him.
  9. You’re welcome You should watch the clip, just leaving it here..
  10. Hehe let’s play a game Of course I know the answer but I just wanted to ask this and see how many people out there know the answer In which video clip Thomas Jane acted ? Don’t google it or search the web just let me know if you really knew it
  11. Thanks ! I bought a scanner, I was taking pictures ,now I’m gonna share with a better quality !
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