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  1. Love this on many levels. What was the scope of this photo shoot anyway? Clothes advert? Resort advert ? Or just couple advert.
  2. Aw I’m melting. How could he not be nice to you! Such a devoted fan I bet he was moved as much as you were!! how does he look like in real life? Share all the details pls! xx
  3. He looks good. Not as thin as few months ago, just perfect. Love the vintage clothes too. Always a pleasure to see him out with DD. Nice to be back! Xx
  4. Also I’m impressed by the string of social events he took part in... kinda unlike him (a Grazia party?!... an Ibiza club opening???!!...)
  5. Two things: Jojo is Cat TJ is Rusty Blades. Period!
  6. Anna Clara


    Thank you for the explanation. Wow that was a massive drop in ratings, I can see why that happened though. Oh well GOT is over now, be nice of they did a 10-years-from-now season, TJ and Anne would love it too!
  7. I agree, I’m very happy for them!!
  8. On one hand I totally dig the punk rock look, on the other tho it’s tricky to pull it off in style. Without ending up looking like Madonna, I mean... lol x
  9. Anna Clara


    This series was hilarious, why did they stop it? Perfect casting... it had me in fits!
  10. I have no clue what Real Men are either, these days. I hope this documentary will tell me. TJ sounded pessimistic about the definition of Real Men given by the film industry. He probably means that timid emo metrosexuals are not and maybe will never be Hollywood’s leading men. Well I’m actually ok with that (like u Gail!) People needs inspiration from movies, it’s good to see strong characters you can draw from to get through shit in life. It’s also beneficial to watch the opposite or average characters to make u fell better about yourself, but ultimately you don’t want to imitate them. I think that in an ideal world a new type of hero would be the average guy/girl with a fair share of faults overcoming his/her own personal weaknesses. Tough job to make it look entertaining though.
  11. Can’t wait for the full documentary, it sounds very interesting.
  12. Looking tanned! What were the past 2 events?
  13. To think we could have had a Rick Grimes looking like this! (I am rather happy with Andrew Lincoln tho!)
  14. Does anyone know if TJ will be at the SDCC this year?
  15. Who’s the author of this highly inaccurate poster. They’ve found a pic of Tom from 10 years ago and pasted onto the rest. As if he needs it. If I were Tom I’d be offended! (but then I am a touchy woman)
  16. I’m going to like this movie. TJ + outerspace = spacecowboy A well tested formula that will give me more satisfaction than watching hours of mopping Holden just to catch a flash of Miller
  17. Fingers crossed then. You previously mentioned he’s on vacation right now, correct? Sooo maybe he’s in Europe as we speak! Keep your eyes open ladies!
  18. He loves that jacket. What was the talk about?
  19. I think the Monty Pythons would have spelled it Katt!
  20. Surprisingly unimaginative indeed for an artistic mind like his. Maybe his daughter’s idea? He seems to love Cat quite a bit, surely he calls his girls by their name?
  21. On a more serious note, the Hikari Takano interview is the best I’ve seen so far (mind u I haven’t seen loads of them yet). I felt he was pressing TJ at times and was a bit sorry for Tom for having to endure through the hours (I found myself wondering if it weren’t time for lunch or dinner) but I’m glad he did, so that now we have a long piece of intimate personal account over the major events of his life. I particularly enjoyed hearing about his early years because I can relate to that a little. I went through some hard but fun times too when I first landed in London from Italy a couple of decades ago. It was a similar scene. I’ve grown up with wannabe rockers and wannabe actors. Maybe that’s also why I love TJ over other “celebrities”, he feels like home to me, a little. I’m watching Hung at the mo, damn it’s hilarious! Xx
  22. Wait n see when he so genuinely winks and blows a kiss to Cat... Feels like a arrow through your heart, LOL!
  23. There is so much good material to go through on this forum. It’s a true TJ goldmine. I like to know that if I’m ever in a TJ withdrawal I can get a top up on these pages. So thank you to the people who contributed over the years... Glad to know that someone else shares the same viewpoint Gail! Isn’t Cat a Bengal beauty? Has she got a name?! How realistic is Tom coming to London in the near future?
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