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  1. It's good to have news from you RAWfriends. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and that the situation is getting better where you live Especially with those travel, home school and VW/audi difficulties Life is slowly coming back here, as our governement said in a typical swiss way : "As quickly as possible and as slowly as necessary". Going back to work was truly a relief. But as you can imagine, libraries need some major adjustments in this current situation. So we had to think of the best ways to open and adapt our services to our patrons. Those past weeks were pretty inte
  2. Al.

    TJ Q & A

    One year already? Wow, time flies! It was such a fun night
  3. Happy Birthday Geoff Wishing you all the best, have a beautiful day
  4. Totally agree. I would have liked to learn more about it at that point. As for Elvi, it's always disappointing to see that many interesting characters as Prax or Anna just disappear after their book. We don't see them after that, or very little. I hope the serie will correct that in some way, as they did a bit with Ashford and Drummer or Avasarala. That would interest me as well! Maybe in some Q&A or interviews ^^ My theory is that they simplified all the Ilus plots in order to develop the other ones (especially Bobby's arc). And to introduce Marco Inara earlier, as he'll obvi
  5. Al.

    I JUST...

    I've slowly begun to smell and taste again these last 3 days yeah ^^ It's a bit like having a cold, but without nasal congestion or breathing difficulties, which is very strange. Ahaha, yes I imagine But I'm glad to be back here among my RAW family Thank you Gail Everything seems fine now ^^
  6. Al.

    I JUST...

    So sorry for your loss CJ I hope you're all doing ok here, and that you can take care of your family and yourself. Was sick these last 2 weeks. No serious symptoms fortunately, but it was still quiet stressfull to be honest. I had to isolate myself from my family, was feeling pretty tired all the time, and lost my senses of smell and taste during 14 days. I'm getting better and back to normal now, but it was a very strange experience. Sending you all lots of love, and I hope you have some books, movies, games to help you during these weeks at home
  7. Al.

    I JUST...

    Hope you are all ok and safe. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. We're all at home with my family. I can do some work from here, and I guess I now have time to watch thoses movies/read those books I kept for such a long time... Thanks to Renegade IG for the film suggestions BTW
  8. Yep... But we had the chance to meet you and the rest of the cast! It was still a very nice weekend and I have very fond memories of it Fingers crossed for August now
  9. I'm so sorry for you I understand the feeling... But it's for the best, for sure. Hope you'll all be able to make it in August. Be safe and take care of all your loved ones Due to all the cancellations/reports hapenning for the next months, there's a chance I might be available as well at that time
  10. Well, yes xD From what I remember, there's not any explanation in the book, except "that's the protomolecule creators technology which we don't understand". And that's the same escalation of events getting worse and worse. To the point it gets a little bit exaggerated and funny, I agree. We don't have much of Miller in the book neither, and his search is quiet... basic and repetitive, dare I say. But that's also part of what the character has become, so that makes sense. And maybe it's more understandable yeah ^^ You can maybe read the short story "God of Risk" based
  11. I enjoyed this season, but I'm curious to know more of your thoughts on it For me, there were some good ideas and additions to the book. The Avasarala, Drummer, Ashford and Boobie arcs were great, and complementary on what was happening on Ilus. And the way Marco Inara was introduced before his appearance on book 5 was a smart move. On the other side, I prefer how some aspects are treated in the book. Especially regarding the Investigator and the way he dies at the end, which I found more moving in the book. But from the whole serie perspective, this season and this book are quiet s
  12. Thank you for your kind words It's a pleasure to be among such amazing people here - and to have great february companions as well
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