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  1. Thank you so much Enaira, Gail & Rosella for your birthday wishes! I had a great day with my loved ones and that was just what I needed It's been a while, but changes in my life are taking all my time, hope to be back here soon... Hope everyone is doing fine and a belated happy birthday to @Tim Bradstreet!
  2. And some pics of the panels. Sorry for the poor quality, we were seating at the back of the conference room for most of them.
  3. Thank you Al for the report! Couldn't have done it better Here are some pics of the weekend...
  4. Happy birthday Enaira! Hope you have a wonderful day
  5. Thanks for the report Enaira! We still have one more day, but you'll get a full report soon... What I can say is that the cast is absolutely adorable with the fans (not that I had any doubts about it) and that they seemed to love being here.
  6. I'll post them when I get back, I don't have my computer with me and it's a nightmare with my phone...
  7. After almost 8 hours of driving, we arrived and are having a beer, Steven Strait and Dominique Tipper sitting in a table next to us We are sooooo ready for this !
  8. Yeah ! I like the synopsis, can't wait to see the movie ! Mr Cantrell on the soundtrack, wow. Just wow. I am even more excited about that movie now !
  9. Thanks to both of you, it was great ! And a happy birthday to you Geoff
  10. Hope you find the time to visit then, you should enjoy it ! And the rest of the country is beautiful as well ! Thank you so much for your time
  11. I read you love the movie « Alien » and that it had a big impact on you. Have you ever been to the alien's designer museum in Switzerland, the HR Giger Museum ?
  12. Challenging in any way really. Physically, shooting conditions, the character you had to portray... 5 below and swimming in a lake seems like a good challeng indeed ! Thank you for your answer
  13. Hi Thomas ! I hope you are doing well and thank you for doing this ! I was wondering what has been the most challenging job you had to do as an actor and why ?
  14. Hahaha same here Gail ! Welcome to all and thanks for the music Enaira !
  15. Thank you Kat ! True words, I couldn't have said it better. I couldn't do a job that has no purpose for me. Not always easy, but I just have to remind myself what I truly want to do. Thank you Geoff ! Nice to meet you too Rosella ! Looking forward to get to know all of you and if you like cats, that's already a good common ground Thanks Gail ! Everyone seems friendly and welcoming indeed
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