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  1. He's a good person. I've had the pleasure of his company and enjoyed it very much. Glad you got to meet him! Thanks for sharing that.
  2. Glad to see that The Lycan will be moving forward. It's been a hell of a developmental process for this book. And putting publishing in Joe's hand at Aftershock is pretty damn exciting. I like Joe, and I like thier work at aftershock. They have an incredibly solid reputation BTS too. Noeland--------
  3. Thank you John! Thank you Geoff and Rosella! I really appreciate that. The ETSY store just has the new comic up presently. I had some shirts up, and as it turns out I'm pretty terrible at managing that ETSY store. Hahaha. So my wife will be taking care of it from now on, and in about a month or so we'll have shirts, prints, original art, and maybe some 3D printed merch up there for sale too. We shall see. Your support and friendship mean the world to me! Thank you again.
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