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  1. Thanks Geoff and Tom awesome day happy 2020 to everyone
  2. Wow that’s very interesting...what a stupid move on HBO...but awesome you got the ball rolling never knew that
  3. Speaking of you and syfy and questioning character of miller ...is it true that you turned down Rick Grimes on walking dead?? ...you were perfect for that but I know hung was Going on at that time which was an amazing show
  4. Haha good for her ...go for it
  5. Do you play poker Tom or any form of gambling ? What games if you do ?haha
  6. Haha yes absolutely cool answer ....and I have to check out Lee Marvin
  7. Hey Tom happy holidays and New year thanks for this Q and A anyway I’ve been watching old movies and I just saw the Cincinnati Kid for first time I’m a big fan of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman I was wondering if you can star and remake any classic movie from that era which would you be interested in doing ??
  8. Hey Tom I’m watching 61 on hbo now ...was wondering (if you get a chance when you drop in here ) ...how did you get the punisher role just a couple years after ? I Read a story that you were not to interested in it until you saw the posters Bradstreet did of you as punisher ....but like did someone seek you out ? Or did you audition for it ...thanks for your time if you read this and sorry if you answered this already
  9. Thank you Tom hope you had a good time at the birthday party and picked out a good gift haha I will check out John Fante thank you
  10. Or “standoff” !!
  11. Thanks Geoff that was a cool experience with the Q and A ....and a film suggestion “the Green book” awesome film Tony lip was great in sopranos ...and just finished season 3 of sneaky Pete on amazon prime cheers
  12. wow the good stuff ...also I enjoyed the movie “the last time I committed suicide” I know Neil Cassady was big for the Beat Generation actually that movie got me to check out Big Sur .what other authors are you into ? How do you feel about bukowski ? And will you be at comic con this year in CA or NY?
  13. Hey Tom what’s your favorite go to cigar ?
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