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  1. How cool! Thanks to all involved
  2. Latest Tweet from Breck Eisner: Breck Eisner @Breck_Eisner ยท Apr 29 After blocking a scene with actors 'second team' stands in for the actors so DP can light. When really busy and 'second team' is on another set 'THIRD TEAM' is called to action. Here you can see @JamesSACorey in his role as 'third team' playing role of Ashford (w/@ThomasJane)
  3. Very happy birthday to you Samantha! I hope you'll be able to meet with some friends and family, be it with 1,5m distance or per video. Enjoy your Sunday, best wishes
  4. Enaira


    No way! Gail I'm shocked, you were asking for ideas for brain activity during this lockdown
  5. Enaira


    I never saw her as red haired but it's a possible option : @wearerenegades is following her. And she's definitely foxy.
  6. Enaira


    So we have a foxy lady... it could be either Courtney or Anne but that would be too obvious. What does the picture tell us? Wintertime Red haired Seen through a tele / far away / ancient (I'm mentioning the dark effect in the corners) I HAVE NO CLUE!
  7. Absolutely! I can't complain. This is a life changing event for so many people.
  8. It's calming down after 10 weeks. There are only local clusters now. I know 7 people who got it and were lucky since it wasn't too bad. But the real improvement (if any) in our life will be after mid August: until then the kids are allowed just 1d/week at school. So I can barely work.
  9. Cool! Geoff genuinely saved someone!
  10. Now we know how and why you joined this forum: Milllllleeer !!!
  11. Yes 6 weeks July until mid August... we'll see... the adults do not have 6 weeks of holiday available ... but one thing after the other
  12. What do you teach Samantha? Oh sorry about that. It might still work though. I was stuck away from home last Xmas due to a major strike...no trains... now I'm a bit like you hoping to make it in July and reach my dear brittany... so I can relate to how you feel.
  13. I'm crashing on the couch every evening, exhausted.
  14. Hi both, we're safe and well, thanks. 10 weeks is a long time though and I can't wait for the "new normal" to settle in and to start working for real again. Managing kids plus home office work is heavy. My oldest is at school 1 day per week... (second time today, yeah) but it makes things worse for my youngest, not amused to spend the whole day with me... let's hope his pre-school opens again in june...
  15. Enaira

    TJ Q & A

    One year ago... what a highlight! I had so much fun during this Q&A!
  16. Geoff, our RAW forum master, fair digital boss, news and tease provider, secured channel to TJ... but much more than that: movie connoisseur, electronic friend from across the channel, fun comments supplier and lovely human being: today's your birthday and I wish you all the best for this new year full of adventures and endeavors. Enjoy each day personally and professionally! My heart beats with yours on this occasion
  17. Enaira


    I'm here, I have my pink construction helmet on, I'm ready!!!
  18. Oh so true!! Any chance you might pop your head in Tom?
  19. Absolutely true! The extensive use of a word (or whatever other stuff for that matter) lets it lose its power. I admit I prefer a well constructed, strongly non diplomatic sentence, to a swearing.
  20. It starts with Tom at 1h34min. Short but fun discussions about pandemic/confinement related movies. Here's the list, copied from the webpage... in case it's not to be found online in 20 years anymore and RAW members wish to retrace this awesome retrospective The Punisher (2004)Outbreak (1995)The Andromeda Strain (1971)Virus (1999)28 Days Later (2002)What About Bob? (1991)The Thing From Another World (1951)The Thing (1982)The Thing (2011)Safe (1995)Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)Blast of Silence (1961)Shock Corridor (1963)Pie in the Sky a.k.a. Terroy in the City (1964)Stagecoach (1939)Stagecoach (1966)Day of the Animals (1977) Oh wow, I could listen to these "Movies that made me" podcasts for hours. Too bad the ending was so abrupt, I guess they had phone issues. I liked how they praised Tom's last podcast with them. It still is a highlight of 2019 for me and apparently the quality of his comments was so high that it scared off some other people who were asked to participate
  21. Hi Samantha 24, welcome! You look great BTW, each time I see that picture of TJ from The Punisher with both guns I think "oh it's Gail!" (on Insta)
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