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  1. The shooting will start next week in Montana don't know Tom's schedule though. In any case: this movie is for real, yeah !!
  2. Hello Geoff, I'm pretty sure you can help me... I've been having issues in the visualization of the forums since at least one week. Some symbols aren't displayed as they should. I'm mostly using a Samsung phone to connect with you guys. Does that ring a bell? A lady in distress...
  3. "Old school vampire hunter" is a very cool title that was until now missing on the card he's carrying
  4. Hello gang, TJ's up to no good it seems https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2020/09/abigail-breslin-thomas-jane-malin-akerman-join-comedy-horror-pic-slayers-1234588638/amp/
  5. I am already looking forward to any set pics or short set diary that you Renegades may provide! That would be great.
  6. Too bad, I've been a fan of Jeremy Irons since... wow, that's a long time! I guess it started with Reversal of fortune, then Dead ringers, and Brideshead revisited, and Sleeping beauty and Lolita and Die hard and and and ....
  7. Will Tom play Lieutenant Blueberry??? Blueberry is a Western comic series created in the Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées tradition by the Belgian scriptwriter Jean-Michel Charlier and French comics artist Jean "Mœbius" Giraud. It chronicles the adventures of Mike Blueberry on his travels through the American Old West. Wikipedia
  8. Here's the interview with Unilad: www.unilad.co.uk/featured/thomas-jane-would-return-as-the-punisher/amp/ Western? Shooting in October? Other cop movie? Does he mean Troppo? Kat's named Kat, not Cat
  9. Just enjoyed that one tonight! Great interview
  10. Wishing you all the best @Rosella! Hope the cake is not only beautiful but also tasty
  11. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Happy RAWversary @Rosella !
  12. I'm also regularly checking if the King Cast Podcast will be available to listen to online. Not the case yet
  13. Not yet but will work on it.
  14. I'm in! ... with a large cushion to hide behind... maybe.
  15. So... it's a negative I was not hoping, so I'm good. Bummer.
  16. Hi gang, according to Benjamin Budd (co-writer) it's only delayed due to Covid 19, but not lost in the ether. Geoff, would you mind activate your "reliable source" in order to confirm or deny this AWESOME NEWS? I don't dare hoping, so I'll just wait
  17. Ok... so that's a gun! Does it have a smelling sensor "like a dog" or how are they planning to find their daughter with this???
  18. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Aren't we terrifyingly obscene and beautifully dangerous? Or the other way around... I've lost my orientation with all those legs. Cool thing is: if someone ripps off one, we'd still have 11 or it might regrow. Guess they didn't think about that
  19. The forum looks RAWSOME! what a surprise, it has aged 10 years backwards
  20. Ah, ok yeah that's a good solution.
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