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  1. Yeah! France and UK are confirmed! Excellent news. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/bruce-willis-sci-fi-actioner-anti-life-sells-wide-1280961
  2. Enaira

    I JUST...

    It's funny you ask Gail, I am just coming back from Paris where we enjoyed our Xmas with the family. The "real" Xmas was so ****ed up, that we decided to shift everything by 2 months. VW has demanded the full repair price, largely above 1k€. It has been done early January. So now, it's all sorted out, we're mobile again
  3. Rosella, you wear The Hat well! 🕶 great post!
  4. Yes but it isn't in discussion right now. I thought that Mark's comments indicated something else. So I'm calm.
  5. Enaira


    I just learned that "From a Buick 8" is called "Roadmaster" in French!
  6. Hhhmmpff ok. I'm calm now. Malone escaped through the hind door.
  7. Here on the RAW Studios Forum we are completely between us, no lurkers at all, in contrary to Instagram.... So I'd like to emphasize the fact that our dear Renegades DIDN'T categorically deny the Malone rumour. And Mark is following the Renegade account... I am coming to my own conclusions until someone disappoints me!
  8. What's the value of that Malone teaser by Mark Hosack today on Insta? Is a second Malone reallllly coming? Is Renegade up to this? Please Geoff... any news?
  9. RAW game: find the 8 differences between these 2 images Yeah it's just TJ and the position of his name. Or is it?
  10. Al !!! How cool that you and Chris practically share a birthday I hope you'll enjoy the day throughout and all the best from me for this new year it's great to exchange with you on this forum.
  11. Slightly new poster version: https://screenrant.com/money-plane-poster-teases-the-next-crazy-action-movie-exclusive/
  12. Enaira


    Thomas has deleted his post. Shall I delete mine?
  13. Enaira


    Do you know if a new account will be created? Are the poster and the movie name still valid?
  14. Enaira


    Hello Geoff, do you have any information about what happened to @warning_movie on Insta? I thought it was promising... ??
  15. That being said... I admit this dirty t-shirt IS epic !
  16. Thanks for the heads up! That's one expensive dirty t-shirt I still cling to the hope of meeting TJ one day. One handshake and loud bravo would be enough for me.
  17. Wow @Chris Sue !! You share a birthday with our second boss @Tim Bradstreet wishing you both a fantastic day, let family and friends cheer you and spoil you !
  18. Fine with me. The more Expanse and TJ fans, the merrier.
  19. Hey cool!!! Our next RAW friends
  20. Enaira


    Yeah the wrong era I would say. Impatient to know what it all means....
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