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  1. I can start with some polemical lines. But I'll have time only tonight to extrapolate my thoughts I didn't like S4 that much. Maybe I was expecting too much. To better understand why it has been done the way it was done, I bought the book...
  2. I would be all for it now!
  3. Another awesome thread here! Now I know who's Tom "lil friend" (lizard). @Rosella was mentioning TJ and slo-mo: hell yeah!
  4. I hope he'll post it on Insta with a better resolution! by the way, does it mean that Cat will attend too?
  5. Magnificent find Gail ! Excellent picture!
  6. Woohoo! A convention opportunity for our American RAW members: June 13th and 14th, in New Jersey! https://www.nerdsandbeyond.com/2020/03/07/creation-entertainment-announces-new-the-expanse-convention/
  7. Nicole, I'm there with you and can dry your tears with my dear RAW t-shirt.
  8. I'm sure you'll have 2 absolutely stunning days! I'm looking forward to seeing all your pictures, especially those taken at the RAWmeet
  9. I'm joining the gang here! Happy RAW birthday John! I've enjoyed reading your countless posts
  10. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Thanks Gail ! It was great to have a few days off for sure. Children and grandparents were happy ==> I'm happy!
  11. Just saw Thursday yesterday on a Sunday night really good! I enjoyed it all over. It's full of surprises and it isn't afraid to be raw at places. Great movie, and even if the telephones are a bit outdated, the rest isn't!
  12. Hi all! Just had a brief exchange with Jeff Smith, who played one of the scientists in the Bad Planet promo, which can be found on the RAW website. Question was, if Tom planned a movie or was this really "just" a promo teaser?
  13. Maybe you're able to read between the lines, but I took it in a very neutral way. It reminded me of his " Who are all these weirdos?" T-shirt
  14. Sounds like something I'll like!
  15. Official announcement for the upcoming project of Thomas and Anne with a very promising name:
  16. I reall do enjoy bigass guns. Malone has quite a large engine and Gail, you like tormented situations (1922)... so we're quite the same when it comes to TJ!
  17. Looks like a good psychological thriller. I am so thankful to all actors to take and live those dreadful emotions for the sake of art. The same emotions and situations we so much hope to never have to be confronted to. What a crazy job they have!
  18. And finally give the blue star symbol or whatever it is...
  19. Ha ha!! I admit you should've seen my face when I saw that "TJ" was following me impostor!
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