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  1. Thank you CJ ! Yes I had Wishing you all the best as well.
  2. Gail and Rosella, thank you so much for your kind words. Gail you even have learnt German just to greet me today it was a good day so far. Have a great team at work doing great progress. And tonight: I will do... NOTHING ! well yes actually: read a book. That's luxury at the moment
  3. Thinking about Geoff today and thinking also about that legendary Q&A 2 years ago Happy birthday!
  4. Excellent pick! Thanks @Rosella. And that T-shirt... I couldn't help thinking about @Geoff. Thank you as well @Thomas Jane for your advice to watch Dark will do !
  5. Ooooohhh ... this is amazing ! How do you know? Are you sure it's not a mixup with Murder at Emigrant Gulch? I'd love for both projects to be true.
  6. He'll be in France then ! Are we allowed to know when the shooting will take place?
  7. Mark, how good to hear from you! The forum was very quiet lately and now that you turned the lights on and cleaned a table from its dust, I'll be happy to sit and have a look at the Malone news. Gas is flammable, explosive even. Please use us as you wish. As I write this I have some strong images from GTHM in mind I'm glued to this forum and looking forward to anything you are ready to share. #IfYouAreLookingForATestAudienceYouKnowWhereToFindUs
  8. Hi Gail and Geoff, I know what I want: for the sequel to be pure awesomeness, and then for TJ to go on a world tour to promote The Lycan. This is my very easy wish for 2022.
  9. I really liked that the series showed their relationships as completely normal. It was no big deal, why would it be?
  10. Happy birthday TJ! I have the feeling you're heading into a great year. Wishing you all the possible fun and success
  11. Hello everyone ! I finally found time to watch S5. Having read the book before, I enjoyed it really. It was not the same for my husband who complained about what you mention above: it felt disjointed. It remains an unsolvable task: how to bring such a dense story in just 10 episodes. Reading the book, I felt that Amos's journey alone could have been turned into a movie. It was too short for my taste. Naomi did get her fair amount of time on screen, probably because it takes place in space and creates a bridge to Drummer. I enjoyed the make-up, hair design and tatoos a lot! Those space overalls and suits remain really cool, even if little realistic. On the evening we watched Ep. 10, we had to interrupt in order to see the landing of Perseverance live on Nasa TV. Amazing stuff, but man, we're a loooong way to "live the Expanse". Thank you for sharing those bloopers and interviews !
  12. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Thinking about you
  13. Hi! If an email instead of a letter is sufficient, you can go on the Raw Studios webpage and hit the contact button. Sometimes, TJ answers.
  14. Enaira

    I JUST...

    On a lighter note... (I believe I don't need to translate!)
  15. Enaira

    I JUST...

    I really understand what you're going through: my cousins thought it would be great to come and spend a nice tea time with my parents during their round trip through France at New year's eve... but I am also infuriated that my parents didn't say no. Although they are extremely careful otherwise. Family is a microcosm of society: we have to accept differences and cope as best as we can with the whole situation. I feel I'm doing my share to avoid spread this thing.
  16. Ha ha ! Yes you're right about defective crystal balls, I will change my habits and now wish you a better year than the past one
  17. Unfortunately I agree. There's no way I could travel to the UK in April. It will take way longer to leave the "new normality" behind me
  18. Thanks for the link to the video! I haven't watched S5 yet, will wait until there's more to see. I found these pictures of the directing experience: Source: https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-expanses-thomas-jane-on-bringing-his-acting-experie-1845841536/amp
  19. Enaira

    I JUST...

    I'm very pleased to read that good news! Not much to report from here... wishing you all a good pre-Xmas time!
  20. Yeah! Nothing against a good space flight and naughty aliens thanks Geoff!
  21. The Trailer to Breach has leaked on Insta! Geoff, do you have any official news to keep us excited?
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