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  1. I really liked that the series showed their relationships as completely normal. It was no big deal, why would it be?
  2. Happy birthday TJ! I have the feeling you're heading into a great year. Wishing you all the possible fun and success
  3. Hello everyone ! I finally found time to watch S5. Having read the book before, I enjoyed it really. It was not the same for my husband who complained about what you mention above: it felt disjointed. It remains an unsolvable task: how to bring such a dense story in just 10 episodes. Reading the book, I felt that Amos's journey alone could have been turned into a movie. It was too short for my taste. Naomi did get her fair amount of time on screen, probably because it takes place in space and creates a bridge to Drummer. I enjoyed the make-up, hair design and tatoos a lot! Those
  4. Enaira

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    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Thinking about you
  5. Hi! If an email instead of a letter is sufficient, you can go on the Raw Studios webpage and hit the contact button. Sometimes, TJ answers.
  6. Enaira

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    On a lighter note... (I believe I don't need to translate!)
  7. Enaira

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    I really understand what you're going through: my cousins thought it would be great to come and spend a nice tea time with my parents during their round trip through France at New year's eve... but I am also infuriated that my parents didn't say no. Although they are extremely careful otherwise. Family is a microcosm of society: we have to accept differences and cope as best as we can with the whole situation. I feel I'm doing my share to avoid spread this thing.
  8. Ha ha ! Yes you're right about defective crystal balls, I will change my habits and now wish you a better year than the past one
  9. Unfortunately I agree. There's no way I could travel to the UK in April. It will take way longer to leave the "new normality" behind me
  10. Thanks for the link to the video! I haven't watched S5 yet, will wait until there's more to see. I found these pictures of the directing experience: Source: https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-expanses-thomas-jane-on-bringing-his-acting-experie-1845841536/amp
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    I'm very pleased to read that good news! Not much to report from here... wishing you all a good pre-Xmas time!
  12. Yeah! Nothing against a good space flight and naughty aliens thanks Geoff!
  13. The Trailer to Breach has leaked on Insta! Geoff, do you have any official news to keep us excited?
  14. So I'm 3/4 through reading Nemesis Games and hell yes, shit happens in this book!!! soooo looking forward to the screen version of those pictures in my mind. It'll be amazing!
  15. Looking good! Thanks Geoff
  16. Sorry Michael87, I haven't found it yet. I also would be interested to watch it!
  17. Shooting has started, what a thrill it must be!
  18. Two pics of a shooting location for TLSOILM in Montana.
  19. This is excellent news! I'll wait until end of January though so that we can "binge" two episodes by two at a time... I just finished reading a German Scifi book yesterday evening, tonight I'll start reading the Expanse Nemesis games
  20. The shooting will start next week in Montana don't know Tom's schedule though. In any case: this movie is for real, yeah !!
  21. Hello Geoff, I'm pretty sure you can help me... I've been having issues in the visualization of the forums since at least one week. Some symbols aren't displayed as they should. I'm mostly using a Samsung phone to connect with you guys. Does that ring a bell? A lady in distress...
  22. "Old school vampire hunter" is a very cool title that was until now missing on the card he's carrying
  23. Hello gang, TJ's up to no good it seems https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2020/09/abigail-breslin-thomas-jane-malin-akerman-join-comedy-horror-pic-slayers-1234588638/amp/
  24. I am already looking forward to any set pics or short set diary that you Renegades may provide! That would be great.
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