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    Thanks chick
  2. Gail

    I JUST...

    Haha! My 'O' Level German has largely been forgotten but I'm pretty sure I get the gist of this Thanks for lifting the mood Ariane!
  3. As much as I would love to meet you in person Geoff (and some other bloke that might be tagging along with you!) and any other available RAWarriors, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be in a big crowd so soon either. I’m fully expecting it to be either postponed or cancelled, but never say never
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    I JUST...

    We are sooooo on the same page Nicole! People have widely been pretty reckless and as you rightly say, are then very quick to blame government for the spikes in cases. Nobody forced them to gather, it was purely their own choice. And don’t even get me started on the idiotic panic buying I don’t have a social life to speak of so pretty much unaffected by the lockdowns (I knew the years of practice would pay off some time ) but I do feel for people living alone or families that have been forced to stay apart. Saying that I’ve not seen my mum since last March, and even though she doe
  5. Gail

    I JUST...

    A very good point Nicole! You can bet your life people would be more than happy to put their lives on hold rather than on the line if that was the case! My boss has just come back to work after suffering with it late last year and he says it’s the worst illness he’s ever had, even worse than man flu which we all know is horrendous I just wish people would follow the rules so we can get back to some semblance of normality sooner rather than later.
  6. To be honest it would take a monumental effort to be as bad as the sh*tshow that was 2020!!! Hopefully we will soon be looking at all this in the rear view mirror and counting our blessings that we made it through. Got my fingers crossed
  7. Got my fingers crossed too but I think the phrase is ‘managing expectations’. This time last year April seemed a lifetime away, this year it feels like it’s not far enough away for the virus to sod off! Will live in hope
  8. True enough CJ! Seems like our crystal balls were a bit defective for 2020! Hopefully this year will be a bit of an improvement, and I hope your Dad’s getting better Happy New Year to one and all
  9. Well I thought it was tremendous! Did not see the thing with Fred Johnson coming at all!!! (I hope your migraine lets go soon Nicole )
  10. Just watched ep4............Jesus H Christ on a bike!!!! How exciting was that!!!!
  11. Now work like that I’d be happy to do!! I have very fond (and fairly fuzzy if I’m honest!) memories of an afternoon at the Mount Gay distillery in Barbados. Which ones have you got lined up? (Quick - before Geoff berates us for being totally off topic on this thread!)
  12. An update from The Boss lifted from an interview: [Also] RAW Studios is my comic book company, we have been inactive for a while, but I tell you this: We just made a deal with Aftershock Comics and we're going to co-produce our first comic book. It's called The Lycan, and it's a really fun werewolf-hunting story. Mike Carey wrote the script, he's one of the great comic book writers, he just finished a script for us. Maybe Geoff can confirm?
  13. This was in the same interview as the Bosco news: And then we've got a terrific, little [crime drama] we're going to shoot next year called Cold Million. You know those fun crime dramas they used to make in the '70s? The Italians made a few, Jean-Pierre Melville in France made them in the '50s and '60s. So it's sort of a throwback film. And I've always wanted to do that, I've always wanted to find one of those cool little crime movies, and we found one, we found a great one. Again, any more news that can be shared?
  14. Gail


    Sooooo........just stumbled across this in another interview: And the third one that we have in the can is called Bosco. It's the true story of the only guy to break out of maximum-security jail, 2006. His girlfriend was pregnant and he wanted to see his kid being born, so this guy, in some incredible series of events, actually managed to break out of a maximum-security prison. So we tell his story, it's a true story and I play the captain of the guards. And they're just wrapping that up right now. Anything you can add Geoff?
  15. Thought I'd post this - another interview with TJ on his directing ep 3 ****** CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! ****** https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/thomas-jane-on-that-expanse-season-5-episode-3-cliffhanger-ending/
  16. Fortunately I have lots of work free hours since I finished for Xmas last Friday - may well have to watch them again before Ep 4!! Just to make sure we’re up to date you understand.....
  17. Gail

    I JUST...

    ........wanted to ask you Nicole how your daughter is doing? Everything going okay with the impending new arrival? Hope so, fingers tightly crossed for you all. How's everybody else doing these days? Good to hear the news about your son CJ, that must be a relief for him (and you!).
  18. Thanks for sharing Ariane - great pics! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with S5, already watched available episodes twice!!
  19. Yep - thanks N, that’s what I’m on about! Any clues?? (In that screenshot, if you look at the top bit of it, it almost looks like a profile of Anne in her woolly hat from Hour of Lead/The Vanished........) I need answers dammit - Geoff, where are you????
  20. I do where TJ's concerned You know me well enough by now to know that I've watched, rewatched and thoroughly scrutinised this! I'm looking at the big black something on the inside of his left forearm that you can see at 24' 17" in - it's either a big-ish tattoo (if it is he's been very brave for a first one!) or he's been taking notes and didn't have any paper handy (it's possible ). I can't make it out clearly enough on my screen but I'm intrigued.........
  21. Ooh, while I remember - on the subject of TJ’s aftershow appearance, has he gone and got a tattoo or was I seeing things?????
  22. Well if my viewings follow previous patterns, we’ll watch it all once and let it settle for a little while, maybe a week or two, then watch it all again several times over the next few months Have you seen the aftershows with Wes Chatham and Ty Franck? Real good insight into BTS stuff, and they had a really easy time with TJ - asked him one question and he kept talking for about ten minutes!!!
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