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  1. It must be a man thing - Martin said exactly the same thing! Neither of us really minded the weekly drop of episodes (it does take me back to how telly used to be ) but however much I remind him it’s the same cast, crew and writers he thinks it’s the move to Amazon that’s done it. I think I’ve probably missed a certain something by not reading the books though. I still love the overall look of the episodes (cinematography, etc.), I think it was a flow and pacing issue that left me feeling a bit let down. And yes - I totally think Marco’s look is stolen from Prince . Give him a pai
  2. Happy birthday to the coolest of dudes! Hope you have a great day Thomas!
  3. I get where you’re coming from but on the other hand, if it wasn’t for the interweb there’d be no RAW Studios Forum and the world (well my world at any rate) would be a much poorer place!!
  4. You have been conspicuous by your absence!
  5. It has yes - there was a post from Renegades. I’ve reported all these posts just to be a nuisance!
  6. Jeez Louise!!!! That is unlucky CJ but you can't miss your mum's big day! I'm sure TJ will understand Saying that, it seems like he's so busy these days with Renegade that there's every chance he won't make it either...............in which case I may give it a swerve too. I mean, no offence, I'm sure Telford is very nice, but there has to be slightly more incentive to take a three hour drive there in November!
  7. Don’t get me wrong, I think there were some good scenes and the story did get where it needed to be, it just seemed to take a long time getting there. And I was really disappointed with the way Alex’s exit was dealt with - in the aftermath it was almost a case of “Oh well, never mind”. I mean, there was even a touching scene with the crew when Miller died and they weren’t as close to him as they were to Alex. I know it must have been a difficult one to negotiate but was that really the best they could do? I did like Amos’ story but even then Clarissa changed from being kickass to prett
  8. Oh there’s no question I’ll be sticking around for S6! I just felt that there was a bit too much of Naomi’s issues (although I do get that that was a major part of the story) and just odd scenes here and there on the Roci and the Razorback that didn’t seem to add much to the overall plot. Just my opinion though
  9. Soooooooo........how's everyone feeling about S5 so far? I hate to admit it, but after Ep 4 I think it's gone a bit downhill - it seems to have turned into The Naomi Show, which might well be how it is in the books but it does drag it out on screen IMO Or am I missing something (apart from Miller )
  10. Gail

    I JUST...

    Just about hanging in there G! You look after yourself too xx
  11. Gail

    I JUST...

    To be honest we thought the squirrels were cute at first........ now we think they're a bloody nuisance since they're burying sunflower seeds all over our lawns . A new feeding station has been purchased since even the recommended cayenne pepper in the feeder didn't deter them, the little blighters. We had a sparrow hawk in the garden a couple of weeks ago - all the small birds dived into the middle of the hawthorn tree and just sat and watched it's frustrated efforts to get at them, predictably it gave up after a short while Following a bout of excruciating pain at work a few months
  12. Gail

    I JUST...

    Merci mon ami
  13. Gail

    I JUST...

    Thanks CJ xx
  14. Gail

    I JUST...

    It’s quite crazy that you go through all that upheaval to probably see less of them than you did before! Thank God for all the technology we have available though, can you imagine how hard it would have been if this had happened even ten years ago? Glad you’re enjoying the twitching - we have a few feeders and are currently spending as much on bird food as ‘us’ food! Playing host to a wide variety of birds from coal tits up to wood pigeons and even a woodpecker and the occasional sparrow hawk! Plus a couple of squirrels that have worked out where the easy meals are I’m attempting to diss
  15. I’m with you Nicole - not making plans for anything until we’re looking at the pandemic in the rear view mirror. Really not surprised that it’s been postponed again. That said CJ, I hope your holiday plans go ahead without any hitches
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