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  1. Like the look of this!! Shades in space? Check. Cigar? Check. Big ass gun? Check. Could it be anyone but TJ?
  2. Another imposter for you to remove Geoff!
  3. Too bad G - hope you’re enjoying getting stuck into Renegade business all the same!
  4. Looking good Can you tell us what your involvement is Geoff? Will you be having any set visits or is that just too difficult at the moment?
  5. Excellent news Ariane - I almost didn’t believe it was going ahead! Hope everything goes to plan from here on......
  6. Whilst I thoroughly admire your restraint ladies, I'm gonna be there at the starting gun, can't wait!!!!! (It'll take me back to how TV used to be before we could binge watch stuff!)
  7. Yeeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaa!! The trailer looks great - Avasarala’s back, Drummer’s back, Bobbie’s back..........too much to hope to have Miller back I guess? Will settle for him pulling their strings from behind the camera this time
  8. And nobody does old school like TJ!
  9. Good catch ninja! Sounds like Thomas is gonna be a busy boy for a while!
  10. Unlucky sis! Saves you having to buy them a toaster CJ!
  11. Great photos, thanks Geoff. Thomas looks like he’s been having fun there!
  12. Wow! That really could be Thomas!
  13. Or even ‘Jermey Irons’ as it said on some posters! Epic fail!!
  14. They haven’t got AMDFASH off the ground have they?????!
  15. Hey MamaBear - hope you have a great birthday, sending best wishes!
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