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  1. My copy arrives from Amazon.fr tomorrow but I have already downloaded a rip from the web :-( It was available, and very good quality as well within a week of the Blu Ray being released! I hope to show this Blu Ray at the Z-Axis club monthly meeting in London on the 13th of July. Tom, tell me what I should cut out os the opening scen and I'll make a directors cut for the showing!! Geoff
  2. I thought that you'd all like to know that with the help of Tim, Tom, Kelly & Sony we are now showing DC in 3D at the CSC 3D workshops in Toronto early next month. At the moment the showings are only for people attending the 3D workshops but I believe that there has been so much interest that the organisers are trying to get permission for a more open showing.
  3. Thanks :-) It meant that I would use a slightly more dominant foreground light than I would in 2D. It seemed to be the way to focus attention where you wanted it rather than use selective focus as you probably would in 2D.
  4. Adopt heavy brit accent.... Good God man! I'm British! Seriously that colour change was done in post Geoff
  5. I've given up waiting for Amazon and have downloaded a full DVD from the web :-( I had to watch it, it's been so long since I shot it and almost as long since I saw Toms first cut. Whilst I do have some issues with the grading and the green screen work, i.e. the same set-up works in some shots and not in others??, I can only say that Tom has done a great job of cutting which only adds to the initial terrific direction :-) I do miss the wolves, probably because I've told the story of me growling at them to try and get a reaction and instead of them attacking me they ran away!
  6. Not a lot really, I obviously went for a dramatic look! I gues that as it develops I think that we'll probably use a slight lighting emphasis on the main point of interest as we probably won't use selective focus as much as we do in 2D. My personal feeling is that 3D works best with wide lenses and lots of depth of field and that we then move in to close ups rather than change to tighter lenses.
  7. Now that would be cool :-) Book me now! Geoff www.gboyle.co.uk
  8. Yeah, It's strange, in Europe we don't really think about the different zones, all machines are hacked to run all regions. It's only when I need to send a DVD to a US contact that I need to think about regions. Geoff www.gboyle.co.uk
  9. Toms choice totally. We did a lot of colour tests to see which one would work best. Geoff www.gboyle.co.uk
  10. I'd love to work with the guys again, and don't forget Dave, a vital part of the look. I still haven't seen the finished film, Amazon have posted it but I'm in the UK so it'll take a few days :-) Geoff www.gboyle.co.uk
  11. Hmm, Depends on whether all the people with pencils make them ink or not :-) I'd love to be there. Oh and I have a full SG grading suite at home now, stereo capable............. Geoff
  12. There are developments in 3D that will make it viable in the home very soon. I hope that we'll see some of them at IBC in a week or so's time. I know that one of the developers of viewing systems is looking for material to showcase their system and I've given them Tom & Patrick's contact details. Here's hoping! I love the web site. Geoff
  13. Hell! forget film prints, they are the way of the dinosaur. This needs, and will only work in a 3D digital release. No 3D films are released any other way now, what are they wasting money on film prints for? Geoff
  14. It's depressing, I worked for years in commercials and music videos. I expected the tasteless suits but managed to get around them. My transition to movies has been a nightmare, the studio politics make the commercials world look like pussy-cats. I really feel for Tom, he had a very clear vision, clearer than any other director I have worked with, he communicated that vision well. He deserves better. geoff
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