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  1. Hey-o,


    Wanted to let any of you East Coast RAW folks that the truly badass one-act play SUCKERFISH, by WT Underwood will be at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in NYC this July. Promotion has not yet begun for it, but for various reasons, the festival expects it to sell out rapidly, so if someone is interested in going, the time for getting tickets is upon us before word gets out.


    It's a play that Tom brought to our attention, and I fell in love with it. Been looking for theater outlets with the balls to let it fly. Not an easy task. MITF is just the ballsy outfit.


    "Trapped on a city street corner, between madness and sanity, all that stands in the way of Hank and rescue is a certifiable homeless man, and a double-headed dildo that can't hear out."


    SUCKERFISH by W.T. Underwood - Produced by Thomas Jane & RAW Studios: Directed by Patrick J. Kennedy - Cast: Damian Maffei, Adam Smith Jr, Jonathan Reed Wexler, and Andrea Boehlke


    July 17th - 10pm

    July 18th - 10pm

    July 21st - 7pm





  2. You are more than welcome to it. It's yours.


    Also, yes, Sasquatch Vs. Grizzly! Lets make THAT so!


    If you want to fully immerse yourself in Sasquatch vs. Grizzly, then let us let nothing hold us back! Someone write it. I'll be playing Christopher George's son. Fudge the math. I got some great ideas about this puppy, we're all over it.


    I've reserved a space in my home for "Kluck".

  3. Oh, Frottage! The things I started to write, but deleted because I want to stay in good taste.... :lol:


    Good taste?


    My name here is Frottage. There's no good taste happening here. I am the bearer of bad taste.


    As you were.

  4. Hear him! Frottage speaks true.

    Again, it IS the legend.




    - Tb


    Hey man, thanks. You know how I am. Just a regular guy who knows what he's talking about and should be running a studio so I can do away with all evil.


    Just to back up what I was saying: Here is the pre-distribution, poster made by the filmmakers: Piggy badass

    Here's Foghorn leghorn's friend: Sooo-eeee!


    Now fortunately PIGHUNT isn't good, so who cares. But for movies that deserve to be seen, you know there's folks out there that will decide on something by looking at the cover.

    For future pig movie makers: I'm all for characters and relationships and all that good stuff. But if you're telling me I'm going to see a movie about a giant killer boar, please give me some giant killer boar. This makes it unnecessary for me to have to blurt out in a theater "Now, eventually you do plan to have killer pigs in your killer pig movie? Hello?".


    And that is how I took a DARK COUNTRY thread and turned it into a PIGHUNT review.

  5. Growing up with a brother (whom I looked up to) that was such a crazy fanatic of sci fi/horror flicks

    (such as "aliens", "blade runner" and "the thing")...truthfully, I am surprised I have never seen this.


    Over the years...my brother and I have had so many "horror fests" together and unfortunately we never picked this one up.

    Maybe because I am not a fan of Stephen King's movies (accept for Shawshank Redemption) and the trailer from this movie didn't entice me back then. I thought it was going to be cheese like the rest of his horror flicks.


    But after reading all the love/hate reviews on IMDb...I decided to order it...I needed to see what everyone is talking about.


    But man was I so dead wrong...I just watched it last night...(I even got the 2 disc -- that offers it in b/w)...

    Watching it in b/w totally gives a different take to the movie -- the creatures don't look so fake.


    I have to say I loved this movie. It's amazing how you really feel scared and feel for the characters without all that gore.

    The acting (just superb/everyone was type casted perfectly), the unknown creatures that hold in the mist (not knowing what creature was coming out next), the parrelles w religion (which scenario? -- sacrificing the son or killing the religious bitch = having them being rescued in the end), how you feel for every character that is stuck in the grocery store (never a dull moment just being in a grocery store)...


    THE MIST is truly unique and a great masterpiece from beginning to end!!!


    I myself love the old classic horror films...not the new modern ones where it's all about the killings.

    You don't need all that gore to be scared...maybe a little blood is fine but to me what defines a true horror....is being scared!!!

    I totally rank this movie as a classic!!!


    Especially the ending in this movie was truly amazing -- never seen anything like it!

    I am glad they opted for this ending to be in theatres...


    Realistically, I'm putting myself in their shoes in this movie -- I would of done the exact same thing!!!

    I would of wanted to kill myself before any creature would of ripped me to shreds...so I can totally empathize with that ending.

    Ok fine if only they had waited 5 more minutes -- they would of been rescued and that would be -- THE END to a hollywood

    production that everyone rooted for I'm sure. But what made this film remarkable was that they made it true to life as humans...

    The did what they needed to do in order to survive...they finally left the grocery store (they did all they could do) but seeing after what they had seen (the biggest creature that barely skims over them) they knew their lives were coming to an end and they had no choice.


    I think everyone who hated the film (over on IMbd) need to put themselves in the character's shoes -- we all would of done the same thing.


    I also might add...being a little bias here but honestly (if I wasn't a true fan of Thomas Jane)...I don't think anyone could pull off what TJ portrayed in this film...who else could you see in this role that captures heart felt emotions like he has?


    It seems whatever character role he touches in all of his films -- he brings them all to life!

    When I look back on his career there is not one movie out there where he hasn't put his all into his roles.

    (Q to you Mr. Jane -- out of all your movies -- which movie would you say -- you wish you put more into the role?)


    He is very underated and it's a shame because he is one hell of actor in my books.


    Thank you for entertaining us over the years :)


    p.s (I noticed in the beginning of the film) TJ is finishing off a painting of "jonah hex" and you also see a paiting of the movie "the thing"in the backgroud....just curious who's idea was that to put that into the film?


    Sunnnnshine! Good stuff.


    I think the painting is from The Gunslinger, one of them Stephen King Dark Tower deals. The Thing poster is also done by the same artist, very famous poster artist, Drew Struzan. But you're right, it is very Jonah Hex. Only helps to feed the longing for a good feature version of Hex.


    Hey yanno, off the top of my head... Maybe Tom would be good as Jonah. With a Joe Lansdale screenplay. Someone tell the studio!


    I love THE MIST, and I'm not easy to win over with these things. LOVED it in B&W, plays so, so very well. Big fan of the book... except for the ending. And the movie took care of that. Boom, good stuff.

  6. Hopefully your cats don't piss on that bean bag... :P

    Hmm... that would only happen if Iet them out of the bag. I'm currently living cat free, but the dog does hold cat appreciation days sometimes.


    Are you offering me a cat?

  7. Well, what are you waiting for?....introduce yourself ;)


    Eh, I'll just keep the shroud intact while bits of information here and there spill out everyone in a while. It's like a beanbag chair. And just as exciting.

  8. KLUCK! Another ink on paper, no pencils, just put the pen down and started drawin'.


    A few times while I was sketching this one out I thought "What the fuck did I suggest this for?"


    But then I realized, it's a sickness. A sickness inside me.




    I love this, and want it. Make it so.


    Also, nice free standing (and by that i mean in the kitchen) bigfoot. When I get my SASQUATCH vs. GRIZZLY film cooking, I know who I'm going to for artwork.

  9. Opps I forget about Dark Country...beautiful work on your first directing debut...a job well done!


    Loved how it was film noir and how you captured certain lighting in the film.

    I am very detailed oriented myself - so I caught everything!


    Loved what you brought to that film...Bravo!


    I knew I was forgetting something...lol


    Hiiiii Sunshine. You're a better person than me, introducing yourself. I just kind of slunk in like a creep, and continue to hold that post.


  10. Hi guys,


    I have had a quick chat with TJ who has agreed to run a Headshot Diary, sort of an update from the set. which will keep everyone updated on the progress of the shoot. No schedule set yet but more updates from the man himself to follow.....


    Cool idea, good stuff.

  11. Thanks guys! Should be fun, especially since my boss considers it part of my job. ;)


    An interesting tidbit about the Psychoscope. One of the authors, Joseph T. Goodman was not only mark Twain's first boss in journalism, but also decoded the Mayan Calendar in 1905. He, along w/ 2 other scholars, is the reason we think the world ends in 2012!!


    All starting to come together now. Well let's hope you have a successful go at Psychoscope, and soon, before the author's other fine work comes true.

  12. Ha! I scored a programming spot at WorldCon!


    I'll be giving a virtual tour of steampunk locations in Nevada which will include the McKean Car, Twain's Virginia City, and the bar that spawned The Seed - rock's first psychedelic poster.


    I'm hoping to also pull something off involving the Psychoscope - a play performed at Piper's Opera House in August, 1872 (same era as Jules Verne). Play was written by some of Twain's friends about an invention that, like a magic lantern, projects images of a person's thoughts upon a wall. The play was shut down within a few nights because they portrayed prostitution realistically.


    Nice, congrats!


    Psychoscope is very interesting, I'm going to attempt to find out more about it. That's be great if you did it, hope it works out.

  13. Who knows, maybe if Headshot is a hit Marvel will revive The Punisher films with Tom starring and Walter Hill directing.

    I can dream can't I? ;)


    Internet campaign. Never works out, but internet campaign. They can't ignore the numbers!

  14. I hate to think back and wonder at what could have been with the Punisher franchise had Walter Hill been given the opportunity to lead the project.

    We'd probably be anticipating TJ's 3rd go-round as Frank Castle as we speak.



    - tb


    You got a real nice way of talking.


  15. yes i'm hard at work on the rewrite right now. i'm really excited about how this baby is turning out! its definitely a 'GOTHIC WESTERN.'

    question: are there any other Gothic Westerns out there? i'm drawing a blank. but there has to be at least ONE...


    I know Tim Burton tried to make a movie of the novel The Hawkline Monster a few years back, and I seem to remember Eastwood being "attached" to it. Never happened obviously. I have a dirt old paperback of it, even says "gothic western" on the thing.

  16. At least you got to hang out on saturday night D. I got jipped out of that! That WAS Patrick's fault. He told me a few times that I would not be able to attend that dinner, so I figured I should head out before it got much later. Into the driving rain I went thinking I was in my own for vittles. Next thing I know, Tim's calling me telling me Tom is "inviting me". OK. Cool. I turned around and thanks to the terrible storm, I got very lost, and nearly killed by a semi truck. I was lucky to find 495 and my way back to the hotel.




    Thanks for navigating, and the junkfood! I had no fucking idea where I was going. :) It ended up being one of the highlights of the weekend for me Tom, just to get a little time to chat and talk family in the middle of the show was nice. And we ended up driving through some pretty neighborhoods.


    Yeah, Tim summed up the show perfectly. I don't think I attended a single panel I was supposed to. Just means the next show we all attend together will be that much better!


    I can't wait.


    Only because I hijacked Tom and Tim's would-be driver. And after he got lost 4 times and Marcus, Marcus from Florida, from Florida territory, told him he had passed the restaurant for the 4th time... we got there. I didn't know this though, I was informed that you had just "gone back to the hotel". Like some kind of pooper of parties. This is terrible news, Noeland. Worse than that Ben Johnson story. I don't think you missed anything at that "awards ceremony" though. Except us trying to get the hell out of there.


    Perhaps 3rd time is the charm with our convention going. Although if it isn't I'm packing it in.

  17. Pickle-Slaw combo . . . AWAY!


    Just spammed Frottage with a sic pic of my side dish from Ronkonkoma Diner.


    Yeah, that was fucked. I figured we were just going back to hotel for beddy-bye after we dropped you off and then someone mentioned food.

    Bar was closed so we ate. I hadn't eaten since the evening before.

    Sorry you got jipped out of the food-hang. Inexcusable. It's Patrick's fault ;)


    x - tb


    I knew Patrick had something to do with that. His whole "not being there" tipped me off to that. He's either in there, hands on, or pulling strings from a distance.


    For a limited time only I offer up my newest profile pic. For interested parties, PM me and I'll send a photo copy of this pic signed by Tim Bradstreet, misspelled and in my handwriting.


  18. So it's finally getting a release here in the states. With everything I've read and heard about this, I'm still pretty interested in checking this out.


    I also have to mention that dubstep song in the trailers is hypnotic. I hope they release the soundtrack for the movie.


    It's something special, I'll tell you that. Looks nice, for what it's worth. It makes INSIDE or THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE look like Disney romps. I just... I've got not love for the piece of crap.

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