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  1. Hey-o, Wanted to let any of you East Coast RAW folks that the truly badass one-act play SUCKERFISH, by WT Underwood will be at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in NYC this July. Promotion has not yet begun for it, but for various reasons, the festival expects it to sell out rapidly, so if someone is interested in going, the time for getting tickets is upon us before word gets out. It's a play that Tom brought to our attention, and I fell in love with it. Been looking for theater outlets with the balls to let it fly. Not an easy task. MITF is just the ballsy outfit. "Trapped on a city street corner, between madness and sanity, all that stands in the way of Hank and rescue is a certifiable homeless man, and a double-headed dildo that can't hear out." SUCKERFISH by W.T. Underwood - Produced by Thomas Jane & RAW Studios: Directed by Patrick J. Kennedy - Cast: Damian Maffei, Adam Smith Jr, Jonathan Reed Wexler, and Andrea Boehlke July 17th - 10pm July 18th - 10pm July 21st - 7pm https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/cal/27845
  2. We never did move forward on Sasquatch vs. Grizzly...
  3. Hey, thanks Noeland. Any RAW board folks in the area that would like to go, let me know and we'll make sure you have a seat and complimentary massage from one of the hobo's we bring in.
  4. That's very cool. I demand to see more of these.
  5. If you want to fully immerse yourself in Sasquatch vs. Grizzly, then let us let nothing hold us back! Someone write it. I'll be playing Christopher George's son. Fudge the math. I got some great ideas about this puppy, we're all over it. I've reserved a space in my home for "Kluck".
  6. Good taste? My name here is Frottage. There's no good taste happening here. I am the bearer of bad taste. As you were.
  7. Hey man, thanks. You know how I am. Just a regular guy who knows what he's talking about and should be running a studio so I can do away with all evil. Just to back up what I was saying: Here is the pre-distribution, poster made by the filmmakers: Piggy badass Here's Foghorn leghorn's friend: Sooo-eeee! Now fortunately PIGHUNT isn't good, so who cares. But for movies that deserve to be seen, you know there's folks out there that will decide on something by looking at the cover. For future pig movie makers: I'm all for characters and relationships and all that good stuff. But if you're telling me I'm going to see a movie about a giant killer boar, please give me some giant killer boar. This makes it unnecessary for me to have to blurt out in a theater "Now, eventually you do plan to have killer pigs in your killer pig movie? Hello?". And that is how I took a DARK COUNTRY thread and turned it into a PIGHUNT review.
  8. Sunnnnshine! Good stuff. I think the painting is from The Gunslinger, one of them Stephen King Dark Tower deals. The Thing poster is also done by the same artist, very famous poster artist, Drew Struzan. But you're right, it is very Jonah Hex. Only helps to feed the longing for a good feature version of Hex. Hey yanno, off the top of my head... Maybe Tom would be good as Jonah. With a Joe Lansdale screenplay. Someone tell the studio! I love THE MIST, and I'm not easy to win over with these things. LOVED it in B&W, plays so, so very well. Big fan of the book... except for the ending. And the movie took care of that. Boom, good stuff.
  9. Hmm... that would only happen if Iet them out of the bag. I'm currently living cat free, but the dog does hold cat appreciation days sometimes. Are you offering me a cat?
  10. Eh, I'll just keep the shroud intact while bits of information here and there spill out everyone in a while. It's like a beanbag chair. And just as exciting.
  11. Nice! I'm sure plenty of thanks should go to Kristyn as well, she's aces.
  12. I love this, and want it. Make it so. Also, nice free standing (and by that i mean in the kitchen) bigfoot. When I get my SASQUATCH vs. GRIZZLY film cooking, I know who I'm going to for artwork.
  13. Hi Damian, I'm a huge fan of yours. I love everything you do, and my only hope is that you double your output so that I have more to love.

  14. Hiiiii Sunshine. You're a better person than me, introducing yourself. I just kind of slunk in like a creep, and continue to hold that post.
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