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  1. Unfortunately the store is down for now, while RAW looks for a new vendor. Mike
  2. This year has been quiet for RAW in large part due to Tom having a very busy film schedule. We have been challenged to commit to shows this year, including San Diego. Fortuantely San Diego Comic Con is going to let A&E extend into our booth space this year, so we can get it back next year. Our booth has moved (I don't know where yet), but at least SDCC is probably going to give me a pass this year so I can check out the new location... I thought I wouldn't even be able to go to the show. LBCE is the smaller of the two Long Beach showes, the other being LBCC. Raw hasn't attended LBC
  3. I don't know about Escape from New York, but Storm King Productions (Sandy King Carpenter) is doing a Big Trouble in Little China comic. I'll ask Tim about that print with Snake.
  4. So make certain not to look back for an earlier post on this thread!!!
  5. I spoke with Tim yesterday, they're fine. A major factor in the fire was Santa Ana winds which blow from the desert to the east towards the ocean, so if you are east of the fires, there's pretty much no chance they would come back your way.
  6. One of the fires got pretty close to Bradstreet's house. I think he was just on the edge of the evacuation zone.
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    That's GREAT news!!!
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    Joyce, that's really tough and I can appreciate what your son is going through. I work for the Federal Government and if I lost my job here, it would cause me to start over again. I don't have any college level education and was lucky enough to be in a position to create a job as a contractor and got converted to government. I'm sure your son's challenges have nothing to do with is abilities and more to do with the incredible let down of a job disappearing regardless of how effective he had been at it. Hopefully he will be able to remain positive enough to make a transition, even if he
  9. I got a chance to see Tim yesterday. He had a great day with his loving family and had the pleasure of having his dad there with him. His dad decided that Midwest weather was too much and will remain in San Diego until things warm up
  10. I believe we'll get a chance to see Tom's daughter in the movie too
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    The reason they say I am too healthy to get medical support for weight management is because I have no health issues. My glucose(90s), cholesterol(166), and liver function are all very good, even though I have historically eaten all the things you aren't supposed to eat that makes those worse. I was told I just one of the rare few that can eat what he wants and will not have health issues other than getting large. My doctor used to get upset because he wanted to tell me I was unhealthy and needed to lose weight, but the numbers never supported him. My biggest issues are that I have neve
  12. Mike

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    I'm still fighting it, but it doesn't look good. The program the doctor wants me to do is nearly $600/month. So in the meantime, I have been going as close to no carbs as I can for the past 4 weeks and just started exercise today. It was really painful. but I hit my goal of at least one hour of exercise and at least 1000 calories burned.
  13. Mike

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    ...was told that I am too healthy to receive medical assistance with weight loss, and that I am one of those rare people who can eat what they want and not get health issues, other than weight gain =/ Ugh, I hate being an alien sometimes...
  14. Fortunately this isn't a unique challenge. Essentially all films are at risk of scheduling vs. money. Thomas is in a position to choose whether to let money expire that has been put up for the film or wait for someone like Nick Nolte to be available. Not knowing the specifics, I believe Thomas is choosing to wait and get the people he really wants to get in the film, at the risk of needing to secure new funding. Thomas once mentioned a quote to me from a director (Stanley Kubrick???) that went something like, "I always shoot movies with the best actors... available." I may be off a lit
  15. Bellisx, What is the file type of your image? Mike
  16. I thought snow was something went to visit for things like skiing, snowboarding, or just goofing off in it. I can't imagine anyone would actually live in it????
  17. Robert Knepper was probably my favorite character on the show.
  18. Check out the Podcast link from eat, Geek, Play at LBCC 2013. Tim Bradstreet, Scott Harben, and Lance Henriksen interviewed with host Kevin Knight together. I haven't heard it myself yet, since I am still at work, but the guys all said it was a lot of fun and turned out really well. Dean haglund and William Stout did an interview right before the trio, but I don't think it's included in this link. http://www.eatgeekplay.com/?p=10219 Enjoy, Mike
  19. Joyce, I'm sure RAW will land at a show near enough for you to visit. I know Thomas and Tim always like to share time with forum members. When they do, please make certain to let me know how it goes, since I usually only do shows near SoCal.
  20. No special announcements for RAW that I am aware of, but I just manage the booth for conventions. I'm sure Thomas and Tim are grinding away on something. It was really cool to have special guests like Dean and Lance in our booth maybe we could see a collaboration at some point =)
  21. Thomas regretfully did have to cancel due to a filming schedule conflict. Tim and I headed up to make certain RAW's presence was still recognized at LBCC no matter what. We ended up having an incredible time and a great show in large part due to our special guests. Lance Henriksen and his Biographer Joe Maddrey came for the second year in a row. Joe had to leave early as he is having a baby in the next few weeks (well his wife is), but Lance didn't miss a bit of the show. RAW collaborator and artist favorite Bill Stout also returned this year for Saturday. Another long time friend and RA
  22. Another great review by Brandon Troy from Reel Film News. http://www.reelfilmnews.com/2013/08/20/san-diego-comic-con-exclusive-interview-with-illustratorconceptual-artist-tim-bradstreet/ Mike
  23. Terry Bunch from Metal Life Magazine interviews Tim for almost 20 minutes and takes a Metal slant on Tim's work. http://metallife.com/metal-life-magazine-exclusive-video-interview-with-tim-bradstreet/ Mike
  24. My pleasure, John. I hope to have more soon! Mike
  25. Great Film School Rejects interview by Robert Fure with Tim Bradstreet. http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/features/comic-con-conversation-with-tim-bradstreet.php (It's kinda fun listening to the interview in the background, then seeing it hit the press =) Mike
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