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  1. Can't see it at work says I don't have permission to view it
  2. Detective Miller wears a Porkpie hat in the books, but I imaging the screen test went a lot better for Thomas with the hat he's wearing. Thomas has played detective types before, but Miller is not the competent tough guy that you would usually expect. He's burned out, washed up, and lost the faith of his peers. He is given a dead end case, that provides a new opportunity to be passionate and rediscover who he is again. Thomas' performance is sad and vulnerable with a new glimmer of hope. Everyone lese be damned, he's going to figure out what this is really about and save the girl... if
  3. Yup, it's great news that they were able to get funded for season two just in time! Thomas has been killing his role as Detective Miller, especially in the 5th and 6th episodes. I haven't checked, but I am pretty certain you can still continue to watch all the episodes on the SYFY website as they come out. Mike
  4. As of Nov 6, Syfy had not funded the second season. They invested 60 million in the first 10 episodes, so understandably Syfy is waiting to see how this season goes before they go all in on another. Cas (Alex Kamal) said their guarantees run out in January, so we'll know soon. Watch the first 4 episodes on the Syfy website =)
  5. I've seen it 4 times already starting at SDCC, but I'll be watching it again tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if the cut tonight is slightly different than the cut they showed at SDCC. I spoke with Cas Anvar after I saw it at SDCC and he said he added the line, "here comes the juice," just be fore they did a high-g burn. I saw that line at SDCC, but I don't think it was in the recent release, so maybe there will be a little more in the television premiere. Not gonna do it. It took me way too long to grow my hair out this long, over 24".
  6. It's no longer available on YouTube, but it's still available on Facebook, through the link I posted or on my FB page. Edit: The issue was resolved and it is back on YouTube. Mike
  7. EARLY FULL PILOT RELEASE ON FACEBOOK NOW!!! No need to wait for the December television premier =) https://www.facebook.com/ExpanseSyfy/videos/650663878405119/?fref=nf
  8. I am the N733 Ops Analysis Technical Manager for Undersea War-fighting Development Center. So I am a DoD Federal employee. I manage the development and use of Anti-submarine Warfare reconstruction and analysis systems. I can't really say any more than that of course... Professionally I feel like a fish out of water around here ... or most anywhere or even when I am not being professional Mike
  9. Bahh!!!! Bad post, I just looked at the dates and they're older than SDCC, so I don't know any more than I did before. As far as I know, "The Expanse" is still waiting to find out if ScyFy will be fronting the money to start shooting season 2 in September. Mike
  10. I have been waiting to find out if Thomas will make it to Long Beach Comic Con in September. It's not likely now that I just found this post. http://www.theexpansetvseries.com/news/season-2-renewed-ahead-of-season-1/ I'd say that's much better news than Thomas coming to the show, although I was looking forward to having co-star Cas Anvar in the booth with us. Mike
  11. Probably not belters are particularly thin from growing up in low gravity. Mike
  12. Tom is a lean version of himself, but feeling good and doing well. His current build could be related to the Expanse, since he is a belter and growing up in low gravity would cause people to have lighter builds, but I didn't ask.
  13. I was there in the background as usual. I'm bummed I missed you, Viendammage. I found out I was sitting next to Executive Producer, Mark Fergus', wife during the Expanse panel and screening. I met them the next day when they visited the booth. They both were uber-excited about the show and the warm reception the pilot received. I mentioned that I would like to visit the set during the second season filming and mark told me to just ask Tom to set it up. We just need ScyFy to put out its budget plan in the next few weeks so they can go ahead with a planned filming of the second season in
  14. It wasn't me and I don't know. I don't think I was in the booth at the time. For some reason I can't seem to post a link on the site, so I can't share the picture of the SDCC 2015 RAW Studios Team. John or anyone else that I am friends with on FB is more than welcome to swipe and post it.
  15. I forgot to ask Tom about how this was going, when we were at SDCC.
  16. I'll be sure to get back with everyone here and let you all know how the screening and the show went for us. Mike
  17. This is a screening I have to see!!!
  18. Thomas said he felt the color timing was off and that they will likely make it darker. Mike
  19. Lance Henriksen is filming his 3rd episode of Blacklist this week and I believe he has more coming. I had the chance to spend the day with him last weekend. More on that later=) I'm definitely enjoying the Vikings, I'm even trying for that walk on role for the show. I think I am in 9th place so far... Mike
  20. I've watched Tom, practice handling a prop gun while we were at a show.
  21. Yup Noeland, and the leftovers the next night were just as good!!!
  22. Thanks, John, I had to work, but my 16 year old daughter baked me a German Chocolate cake, then my mom came over and cooked a bone in pork roast for dinner. It was a nice day
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