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  1. I'm really excited to know this film will justly receive the final touches it deserves. I saw it SD Comicon and really enjoyed it, despite some occasional simplified CGI. The story is there, the content is engaging, the cast is fantastic, and absolutely worth going to the theater for some good entertainment.
  2. It is probably a story told best by Buzz, but I think it involved bare skin, a hotel hallway, and a lot of alcohol. Buzz is a very talented artist and a really good guy. He is usually in Artist Alley every year at SD Comicon. http://www.justbuzz.com/
  3. Can I help with the lighting? I have some experience with holding a lamp for several hours and being a muti-axis appendage to get the angle just right.
  4. Nomad, Next year at SD COMICON you should talk to Buzz about Tim's hugging Skills. Mike
  5. Tim, I may not have come off as intended. Point being I am sure Grant did really enjoy it as I have enjoyed anything you recommended. I was just re-emphasizing your point that it really wasn't somrthing anyone would expect im to watch, let alone enjoy. I will now watch "Bridges of Madison County" as a recompensation for my mis-expression. Mike
  6. Brian, That was an awesome recount of the night. I'm really glad you got go out and get some quality industry time and have unbelievable fun while doing it. I'm sure you'll be getting a chance to do that on your own as your career continues to move forward. Keep it up, Mike
  7. I have spent enough time with Grant to have a hard time believing he would have enjoyed the movie. I haven't seen the movie myself, so my opinion is only based on getting to know Grant. Mike P.S. Grant just PM me if you want me to kick Tim next time I see him for the comment about you being a mach.... err a ret... err... whatever if you just want me to kick him...
  8. No Facial Hair These are images of Canadian Landing Craft during the D-Day Invasion: Or is there?? Look at the guy on center bottom. Fred, Thanks for the warm welcome. I have been a member for a few months, but I am not one to post much, mostly just a lurker that enjoys the topics here. Mike
  9. I agree about the facial hair, but disagree with the 29th. I like to leave the suspension of belief to the superpower stuff and hope everything else is smartly and conveniently tied into the history we do know. That being said, I always remember Wolverine and Sabretooth as being Canadians; although in the marvel universe they did work for the CIA in the 60's. According to the marvel online source: "As an adult, Creed took the name Sabretooth, and by the 1910s he was known by this name in a small Canadian frontier community where he intimidated almost everyone. One of the few except
  10. Tom - Just let me know when and where. The Banner is packed in a plastic tube, ready to ship anywhere, and I still have plenty of leave left. I haven't been able to break back into the rhythm of work anyway.... all I do is talk about how much fun I had. I really appreciate the opportunity to be part of the RAW team. Tim - Fantastic synopsis - I luv ya like a brother and you know I'll be there to help in any way I can. Besides I had an incredible amount of fun, the kind you just can't buy. Todd - You were a GREAT booth-buddy (don't-read into that). You never let there be a dull
  11. I just saw the movie and I agree with all the accolades given to it. Heath Ledger was absolutely amazing, but I think Aaron Eckhart deserves equal applause for his role as well. To me the movie was much more about the Joker and Two Face than about Batman to the point I would almost suggest that Harvey Dent was the protagonist. Maggie Gyllenhaal filling in for Rachel Dawes was easy to accept, since I was about as committed to that character as much as she was to Bruce Wayne. I really feel like I need to see it again, since I don't know that I was able to digest all the subtle complexit
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