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  1. It happened when I was talking on the phone with Thomas about setting up for a convention and he said he was about to shoot a really cool new Sci-Fi series and told me to read the books. I hate reading, so I did the audio books. As much as I love the show, I appreciate the people associated with the show I have connected with far more.
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    RAW Studios is not doing a booth for SDCC 2018. Thomas did let me know that he would come to the show, if The Predator brought him in as a guest and we'd try and connect then. I doubt he'll come for the entire show, but hopefully we'll have some time to hang out. Bradstreet will be at his art dealer's booth, Splash page Comic Art for the show. We turned over our booth space this year to our good friends, StormKing Productions, John Carpenter's production company, run by his incomparable wife, Sandy. I am very fortunate as part of the deal to help them set up and break down the booth as
  3. I've been holding out, in part due to an NDA, but I had the extreme pleasure of going to visit the set of the Expanse as a VIP during season 3. I was very fortunate to be there for the first day of shooting with Thomas and saw how incredible he is as a performer at work for the first time. I just need to get myself in front of my computer at home to sit down and write the story of what all happened and what it was like, with a couple pictures included. I just rarely ever use my computer since I quite playing video games a few years ago... More to follow, Mike
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    I JUST...

    Buon Natale!!! As I am on an unexpected trip to Napoli, Italian for a month through the holidays and my b-day. I'll miss my family and working my as off, bUT it really isn't that bad =) Mike
  5. I can't wait to see the Bobbie Draper character. She was a very challenging character to cast, and I think they NAILED it!!! I spoke with Executive producer Mark Fergus at SDCC 2015 and he promised to do everything thing the could to find a tall, athletic, attractive Polynesian actress, that could fight. Looks like he followed through =) Mike
  6. Rosella, Thanks, I'm happy to share any time!! And I agree it looks like a great role for TJ!!
  7. Yup, I just saw a post on FB from Tom's agent on this =)
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    I'm glad you enjoyed them =) Mike
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    RAW and the Expanse are different entities. RAW is all about what Tom and Tim produce directly. That being said we did have several people come by that were fans of the Expanse, but funny enough they didn't immediately recognize that we had up to 3 cast members in the booth at a time with Thomas, Florence, and Dominique. This is the first time I have ever really taken so many pictures with me in them, so it still feels a little weird. I'll try to edit my post and fill out some details about them. Noeland, John and some others likely may have seen it all already on Facebook anyway =)
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    Here are some pictures from RAW SDCC 2016 Mike
  11. Tom is going to shoot something in September. I don't know if this is what it is.
  12. We met with some of the cast and crew throughout the show. Tom overheard one crew member, Holly, state that she and her husband, Terry, have been trying to get to the show for years, so he committed to making that happen. They made it and we had a blast helping them enjoy the show. Friday night we went to the SyFy Magicians party and I had a crazy fun time. I even got to dance a tiny bit with Dominique Tipper. We met briefly last year and I was so impressed with her back then, just a fun and vibrant person. I spent a long time talking to executive producer Mark Fergus and his wife,
  13. I saw this at the SDCC panel. It was so awesome and the full crowd loved it. It was clear the cast members are extremely passionate about the show and they absolutely love doing it.
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    I've been getting better about taking pictures lately, so I'll be sure to take at least some photos in addition to a group shot. I took a group shot last year and I thought John posted it somewhere... maybe... Mike
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    It's gonna be all RAW at SDCC in booth 4504! Mike
  16. I recently got back from a work trip to Naples, Italy and London, England. I was very busy during the day with work, so I was very limited in what I could do for personal time. So I decided to do something way outside my norm and went to the oldest active opera house in the world in Naples and saw a Mozart Concerto, then when I was in London I went to the Royal Opera House and saw my first opera. The opera was contemporary and was a story about Oedipus. They were both very different and incredible at the same time. The opera houses them selves are absolutely gorgeous works of architecture
  17. We screened this video at SD Comic Con along with Dirty Laundry. We had a BIG crowd and they loved it. I'm glad to see it posted, I didn't know it was available anywhere. Mike
  18. Feb 20-21. Hope to see you there!!!
  19. Raffi, That sounds GREAT!!! Hopefully I'll get a chance to bump into you sometime. At least you can visit us at the Long Beach show. Good luck making it all come together! Mike
  20. I missed the 2 hour finally last night. I was just too tired from the adventures the night before and getting up to do a 75 mile drive to work in the morning after to do a 2 hour 10:00pm-12:00am show =/ Mike
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    The Veil

    MANY THANKS TO VIENDAMMAGE!!! Viendammage gave me a couple passes so Heffie, my friend from work, and I could go up to the screening. I'm fortunate that Heffie could go and drive, sine I through a rod bearing in my car. We went straight from work since it's a bit of a drive to LA from San Diego. We left early enough that we were able to meet Viendammage, his girl Tammy, and her mother Clorissa at a nearby bar for food and drinks. Thanks again to viendammage for buying drinks! We had a great time sharing stories while we were hanging out. When we got there, Viendammage introduced m
  22. I studied Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do from the ages of 13-20. I never earned a black belt during that time back in the 70s and 80s. It was very old school taught by an instructor from Korea that grew up in a martial arts monastery. I've tried picking up martial arts several times, but I ended being asked to teach at every school and was offered black belts without even testing. It's so much more of a business today than it was back then. More than 25 years later I went to my old instructor and he just handed me a black belt. I am guessing it was because I knew as much or more than his cur
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    New Site

    I can't access the site from work.... ugh DoD networks =/ But I can still access the forum, since it is hosted through a different service.
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