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  1. It happened when I was talking on the phone with Thomas about setting up for a convention and he said he was about to shoot a really cool new Sci-Fi series and told me to read the books. I hate reading, so I did the audio books. As much as I love the show, I appreciate the people associated with the show I have connected with far more.
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    RAW Studios is not doing a booth for SDCC 2018. Thomas did let me know that he would come to the show, if The Predator brought him in as a guest and we'd try and connect then. I doubt he'll come for the entire show, but hopefully we'll have some time to hang out. Bradstreet will be at his art dealer's booth, Splash page Comic Art for the show. We turned over our booth space this year to our good friends, StormKing Productions, John Carpenter's production company, run by his incomparable wife, Sandy. I am very fortunate as part of the deal to help them set up and break down the booth as well as watch it as needed, so I'll be there too. I'll let you guys know if anything fun happens =) Mike
  3. I've been holding out, in part due to an NDA, but I had the extreme pleasure of going to visit the set of the Expanse as a VIP during season 3. I was very fortunate to be there for the first day of shooting with Thomas and saw how incredible he is as a performer at work for the first time. I just need to get myself in front of my computer at home to sit down and write the story of what all happened and what it was like, with a couple pictures included. I just rarely ever use my computer since I quite playing video games a few years ago... More to follow, Mike
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    I JUST...

    Buon Natale!!! As I am on an unexpected trip to Napoli, Italian for a month through the holidays and my b-day. I'll miss my family and working my as off, bUT it really isn't that bad =) Mike
  5. I can't wait to see the Bobbie Draper character. She was a very challenging character to cast, and I think they NAILED it!!! I spoke with Executive producer Mark Fergus at SDCC 2015 and he promised to do everything thing the could to find a tall, athletic, attractive Polynesian actress, that could fight. Looks like he followed through =) Mike
  6. Rosella, Thanks, I'm happy to share any time!! And I agree it looks like a great role for TJ!!
  7. Yup, I just saw a post on FB from Tom's agent on this =)
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    I'm glad you enjoyed them =) Mike
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    RAW and the Expanse are different entities. RAW is all about what Tom and Tim produce directly. That being said we did have several people come by that were fans of the Expanse, but funny enough they didn't immediately recognize that we had up to 3 cast members in the booth at a time with Thomas, Florence, and Dominique. This is the first time I have ever really taken so many pictures with me in them, so it still feels a little weird. I'll try to edit my post and fill out some details about them. Noeland, John and some others likely may have seen it all already on Facebook anyway =) Mike
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    Here are some pictures from RAW SDCC 2016 Mike
  11. Tom is going to shoot something in September. I don't know if this is what it is.
  12. We met with some of the cast and crew throughout the show. Tom overheard one crew member, Holly, state that she and her husband, Terry, have been trying to get to the show for years, so he committed to making that happen. They made it and we had a blast helping them enjoy the show. Friday night we went to the SyFy Magicians party and I had a crazy fun time. I even got to dance a tiny bit with Dominique Tipper. We met briefly last year and I was so impressed with her back then, just a fun and vibrant person. I spent a long time talking to executive producer Mark Fergus and his wife, Julie, and also spoke with show runner Naren Shankar. We even got somewhat philisophocal using the show as a reference, soooo cool I met Florence Faivre and embarrassingly called her Florescent. Crazy fun, does imply that I got hammered. I has no idea that I had done it until Tom and Florence mentioned it on Sunday night. Tom said it 2as funny to see me lit up for the first time in the decade or so. Fortunately the were both very forgiving. She must have been, since she took a "hot" picture with me. There's a "magical" picture of Tom and I too. I unexpectedly ran into Adrian Pasdar from Heroes and Agents of Shield at the party. Another side note is that I got drunk with my 21 year old daughter for the first time. On Saturday I was hanging out with former Raw publicist, Rogue Rubin. We tried really hard to get into the EW party, but failed at the last security check point. One surprise though was running into Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero, and getting to say hello and shake hands. On Sunday, Tom, Florence, and Dominique spent a lot of time in the booth. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and getting to know each other better. After the show closed we all met up with each other at the same place as the Magicians party. Cas Anvar showed up and brought his parents with him, totally cool. Cas and I have spoken in the past about doing a booth with him and Tom. The biggest surprise came when Shoreh Aghdashloo joined us. I really do my best not to go all fanboy, but I could not help it with her. I loved her character in the books and I was ecstatic when I found out she was cast. Her performance as Chrisjen is amazing. So I had to let her know how I felt and she was exceptionly graceful and receptive about it. She even gave me one of her potty mouth lines from the show. LOVED It!! When we first met she told me she loved my hair that my daughter just braided. She was also really interested in what I did for a living, she guessed I was an artist. She was surprised and intrigued when I told her. Florence had to leave us early for a flight, but she really wanted to stay, since we were having so much fun. We spoke about dying hair, she suggested going with a dark color to bring out my piercing blue eyes. I gushed a bit at that comment. I got to dance a little more with Dominique, she used to be a professional dancer and she can really move. Dominique really felt like she had become a friend already Florence too. Everyone of the cast members came across as sincere and incomparable. I am so looking forward running into them again. Mike
  13. I saw this at the SDCC panel. It was so awesome and the full crowd loved it. It was clear the cast members are extremely passionate about the show and they absolutely love doing it.
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    I've been getting better about taking pictures lately, so I'll be sure to take at least some photos in addition to a group shot. I took a group shot last year and I thought John posted it somewhere... maybe... Mike
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    It's gonna be all RAW at SDCC in booth 4504! Mike
  16. I recently got back from a work trip to Naples, Italy and London, England. I was very busy during the day with work, so I was very limited in what I could do for personal time. So I decided to do something way outside my norm and went to the oldest active opera house in the world in Naples and saw a Mozart Concerto, then when I was in London I went to the Royal Opera House and saw my first opera. The opera was contemporary and was a story about Oedipus. They were both very different and incredible at the same time. The opera houses them selves are absolutely gorgeous works of architecture. Mike
  17. We screened this video at SD Comic Con along with Dirty Laundry. We had a BIG crowd and they loved it. I'm glad to see it posted, I didn't know it was available anywhere. Mike
  18. Feb 20-21. Hope to see you there!!!
  19. Raffi, That sounds GREAT!!! Hopefully I'll get a chance to bump into you sometime. At least you can visit us at the Long Beach show. Good luck making it all come together! Mike
  20. I missed the 2 hour finally last night. I was just too tired from the adventures the night before and getting up to do a 75 mile drive to work in the morning after to do a 2 hour 10:00pm-12:00am show =/ Mike
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    The Veil

    MANY THANKS TO VIENDAMMAGE!!! Viendammage gave me a couple passes so Heffie, my friend from work, and I could go up to the screening. I'm fortunate that Heffie could go and drive, sine I through a rod bearing in my car. We went straight from work since it's a bit of a drive to LA from San Diego. We left early enough that we were able to meet Viendammage, his girl Tammy, and her mother Clorissa at a nearby bar for food and drinks. Thanks again to viendammage for buying drinks! We had a great time sharing stories while we were hanging out. When we got there, Viendammage introduced me to his friend Vladimir Kulich, who you may know from 13th Warrior, Ironclad, Vikings, and Skyrim. He's a great guy and I enjoyed talking to him. After a bit I decided I would take a chance to see if I could find Phil Joanou, the director of The Veil, and his wife Breann Nelson, who is a retired but bonafied supermodel. I met them both before at San Diego Comicon for the world premier of Dirty laundry, since Phil was the director. I found Phil first, but I wasn't certain it was him, since it was about 4 years ago that I met them. So I looked for Breann and saw that she was near and speaking to another group of people. I waited for a pause in their conversation and just said her name. She turned and looked at me and said "OMG" and came over and gave me a hug. perplexed, I asked if she remembered me and said, "of course, you saved us!" She was referring to when they were on the way to the show they were talking to Thomas, telling him they were stuck in traffic, so Thomas handed me the phone and asked me to help them navigate around the traffic. Being Con savvy and a San Diego native I was able to give them directions that got them out of traffic and right where they needed to be. Breann and I continued to talk for a bit and she blew me away with how incredibly good her memory is. She told me all about how my high school aged daughter was there and was responsible for handling another person at there for the screening, which was all true and the person she was handling was actually Ron Perlman. She then introduced me to Phil, who remembered me right off too. Phil and I had some fun at the Dirty Laundry screening since he had brought the video in HD, but didn't have an HD out on his laptop, so we struggled trying to fond someone with a DVI out on their laptop and getting cables to hook it up to the projection system. eventually we got it all done, then we found out the projector was VGA and we had just wasted our time. So we just laughed and hoped for the best that the image quality would be good enough for the screening, which it was. After a short bit Thomas showed up and we said hello, but it was time for the screening. So I asked him if we could catch up after the show. I found Viendammage and Heffie and I went go so with him and his crew. A short bit later Vlad sat down with us too. In fact he sat next to me, which left me a bit concerned, since he is a big guy and I am too. Fortunately unlike me his is longer than he is wide, so it worked out. The film is definitely an artists film. It is dark in tone, mood, and lighting. it is not a film for everyone as it is a true horror, that has substantial no feel good moments in it. It goes dark and continues to go darker through the story. The casting is exceptional, especially since it was shot in old school, John Ford wide screen, so everyone had to be on point with their focus and expressions. It was quite a challenge for the cinematographer to make all these scenes work and he did an exceptional job. You might say I am biased, when I say that Thomas was the actor that really impressed, but it doesn't matter, since it's true. He plays a very Jim Jones cult leader type that is off into some meta spiritual scheme that leads into the horrific paranormal events. The screening was for the cast and crew hosted at the Hollywood Egyptian and it was followed by a Q&A with Phil Joanou. Phil spoke a lot about the hard work that everyone put into the film, especially with the short shooting schedule and limited budget. He spoke about how it was the hardest film he had ever made and that it never would have been successful without the work of everyone involved, including the extras, who he said really weren't extras as much as they were actors, since a lot was asked and expected from them. He spent a lot of time making certain that everyone knew how much he appreciated them as he thanked them all. Phil took several questions from the audience and gave candid responses to all of them. I have to say that Phil is an incredibly energetic and bright person, that shows in everything he does, from film making, speaking in public, and setting up video. he even learned how to make ghosts in Adobe After Effects by watching some kid in Great Britain on YouTube, that he used for the movie. After the film we walked out with Viendammage and Vlad. Viendammage suggested that Vlad might be interested in joining the RAW booth for Long Beach Comic Expo coming up on 20-21 Feb, so I asked him if he was interested and he said he was. We'll need to work on the details, but I hope we can make it happen. We said goodbye the them, and we then ran into a couple other people we know, burgeoning film-maker and friend of Bradstreet, Brian McQuery, and his friend Cinematographer, Ricardo Gale. We said hello, but then Brian said that Thomas was looking for me, so I took off to go find him. I caught up with Thomas, walked out of the theater, and met Heffie along the way. Thomas and I had a great time just catching up on life and our kids. He even told me that his daughter wants my daughter to get her a job at Disneyland, since that's where my daughter is working while she goes to school. Apparently Thomas's daughter is already taller than her mom, so I am going to be in for a surprise next time I see her. I have to say that Thomas is a very supportive friend. We spent a fair amount of time talking about challenges I have been dealing with and I can't express enough how much I appreciated it. I've picked up a new hobby that is involved in performing arts that is very different than anything I have ever done before, so I am way out of my box and comfort zone, but after a year and a half it seems like I may be seen in front of local audiences in minor roles. I don't want to get into what I am up to yet, at least not until I know it's going somewhere. I'm still shocked that something I picked up as a casual way of spending time that is no longer being used to play video games has grown so fast. The great part about talking to Thomas about it though, was he wanted to make certain that I was sincere about it and working at it all the time. And I do I practice every day. We ended the evening walking with Thomas to his car, then driving back to Heffie's place. I spent the night there, since he actually lives 75 miles from our work and about 50 miles from my place. With the adventure over, Heffie and I woke up early in the morning to go back to the daily grind. Good times!!! Mike
  22. I studied Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do from the ages of 13-20. I never earned a black belt during that time back in the 70s and 80s. It was very old school taught by an instructor from Korea that grew up in a martial arts monastery. I've tried picking up martial arts several times, but I ended being asked to teach at every school and was offered black belts without even testing. It's so much more of a business today than it was back then. More than 25 years later I went to my old instructor and he just handed me a black belt. I am guessing it was because I knew as much or more than his current brown and black belts. When I was practicing with his senior students, they kept saying that they were never taught the techniques I was responding with. I told them neither was I and that I was just reacting and executing without thinking. they were of course all based on techniques I learned, but I think that's the whole point. I used to fight in a lot of tournaments. Unfortunately I was a big kid and when I was 16, I was 5'11" and 185lbs., so they made me fight heavy weight men's brown/black belt division, rather than junior division. That was somewhat intimidating, but even more so, when the first time it happened I saw that Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) was fighting in the same division. I never actually fought him, but I was already defeated at that point anyway, since so much more of fighting is in the mind. Those days are now long over, I am too old, fat, and slow to pose a threat to anyone, but it is fun to reminisce.
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    I can't access the site from work.... ugh DoD networks =/ But I can still access the forum, since it is hosted through a different service.
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